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Westin Timeshare

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Imagine being able to spend one vacation in Palm Desert, California, another in Maui and the next in the U.S. Virgin Islands. With Westin timeshare resorts, these and more can become your dream vacation destinations.

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When you buy Westin timeshares for sale, you'll be free to enjoy gorgeous locales, exciting attractions and unforgettable accommodations everywhere you go. And by using the services of licensed agents at Timeshare Broker Associates, you’ll be confident that a professional is working on your behalf to find the exact ownership you’re looking for at just the right resale price.

Even if you are looking to sell your Westin vacation ownership, our agents can work for you to take the worry out of finding a buyer – all on a no upfront fee, commission basis.

The Best with Westin

Westin timeshare resorts are known for their signature amenities, from the exclusive Heavenly Bed to the WestinWORKOUT. Whether guests are hoping to relax, get energized or do a bit of both, they will easily be able to meet their expectations at these properties. Of course, one of the things that makes a Westin vacation so memorable is the destination. Members can choose stay at a variety of resorts such as the Sheraton Desert Oasis in Arizona or the Sheraton PGA Vacation Resort in Florida. How about a stay in the Bahamas at Harborside Atlantis or a romantic getaway in Cancun at Lagunamar? Buying Westin timeshares for sale puts all of these possibilities on your vacation map.

No matter where members venture, they can always rest assured that they will receive a warm welcome in elegant surroundings. Westin is known for giving each of its resorts special touches that set them apart from the competition. Accordingly, guests will be able to enjoy sparkling pools, delicious cuisine and a host of daily activities on site. Accommodations run the gamut from cozy studios to multi-bedroom condominiums that will make the whole family comfortable. With Westin, it's easy to drop the kids off at the club that's just for them while parents take a much-deserved break at the spa. These full-service resorts genuinely offer something for everyone.

Save Money Buying Resale

Westin timeshare resorts promise outstanding vacation experiences no matter where you decide to explore. From a tropical getaway to an adventure in the Colorado mountains, members are free to explore their dream vacation on an annual basis and save significant money when they buy a Westin timeshare on the resale market. Learn more about the savings available by contacting us here at Timeshare Broker Associates.

FAQ About Westin Timeshares


Are Westin Timeshares a Good Deal?

Westin timeshares provide members with wonderful vacations at some of the leading vacation destinations in the world, so yes Westin timeshares are a good deal.

Like any purchase, the value of a deal is often determined by the price paid compared to the quality of the product provided to the owner. In the case of a Westin timeshare, resorts are available in high demand locations such as Ka'anapali Beach on Maui, the Caribbean island of St. John, eclectic Palm Springs and the stunning beaches of Cancun. Combined with the quality of the accommodations and resort amenities, Westin timeshares offer some of the best vacation experiences on the planet. So, the determining factor can come down to the price, and this is where timeshare resales can make a big difference. Buyers can purchase weeks at a resort or a club membership on the resale market and save thousands of dollars compared to buying directly from Westin. Developer prices, either through the company or at the resort, can be marked up 50-60% because of marketing and sales costs recouped through the purchase. Those costs do not factor into the resale prices because buyers are buying direct from an existing owner.

Imagine vacationing in a Westin Lagunamar Cancun or Westin St John timeshare which costs only a few thousand dollars? You’ll see deals like that on the resale market, and even factoring in annual fees you are still better off than paying the high hotel rates for such an amazing experience. Plus, with exchange companies like Interval International or 7Across, you can leverage the strong exchange value of your timeshare to visit just about anywhere in the world.

How Can I Get Out of My Westin Timeshare?

You can get out of a timeshare in a few ways, but timing is important. For new Westin timeshare buyers who purchased through their resort or through Westin, there are state rescission laws that allow buyers to cancel within a certain time period following the sale. Details are determined by the state in which the resort or company is located and the rescission process should be outlined in the purchase documents. The timeframe can be anywhere from three to sometimes 14 days from the sale date, but you will need to check your documents and relevant state law for more specifics.

The best way to get out is to sell it and get some of your money back from the sale. Most owners either choose a timeshare advertising company or a licensed timeshare resale broker to work with to sell Westin timeshare. These companies generally live online and use online search marketing techniques to attract buyers. Advertising companies charge in advance for their services, whereas licensed brokers also work with other brokers like a real estate company would and charge a commission after a sale is made.

Another option can be to contact Westin directly to see if you can get out of your ownership. You may feel like getting a bit of the runaround since Westin timeshares work under the Vistana banner and both are owned by Marriott, so you’ll probably be referred to the Marriott team. Owners who are long term owners, paid up with owing no money on their timeshare and are up to date on all annual fees have the best chance of giving their timeshare back, but there are no guarantees. And don’t expect Westin to pay you to take it back.

One area to avoid are the self-described timeshare exit companies. They claim to be able to get you out of your timeshare but charge upfront fees of $5,000 - $10,000 to do essentially the same thing you can do yourself by contacting Westin directly.

Do Westin Timeshares Go Up in Value?

Sometimes Westin timeshares can go up in value, but it is exceedingly rare and may depend on whether the timeshare was obtained as a resale. Because of the exquisite locations and high-quality timeshare resorts in the Westin network, Westin timeshares hold their value very well in comparison with other timeshares. But for a timeshare to actually go up in value, there are important aspects to consider.

  • Look at the specific destination. A resort such as Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas on the spectacular island of Maui is legendary in the timeshare world for its location and attention to quality. Other destinations such as Westin St. John in the US Virgin Islands offer an atmosphere of exclusivity which can help with the value of a timeshare.
  • What week is it? Here, it is important to understand the difference between a fixed week compared to the vacation club option with Westin timeshares. The Club may offer more flexibility, but ironically this does not necessarily help when it comes to holding its resale value. This is because a high demand fixed week at a destination such as Westin Ka'anapali can command a higher resale value because the vacation week is guaranteed and not subject to availability like a club booking can be.
  • What, and where, is the unit? Generally, the larger the unit, the higher the value. That may seem obvious, and generally is with Westin, but not always when it comes to timeshare resales. Also, does the unit have an oceanfront view or just a view of the pool? All of the little things can add up to establishing the value of a timeshare.

Does Marriott Own Westin?

When it comes Westin timeshares, yes, Marriott Vacations Worldwide is the entity that owns Westin. The transaction took place in 2018 when Marriott Vacations Worldwide purchased Interval Leisure Group, which at the time owned the Westin timeshares under the Vistana Signature Experiences entity. Marriott continues to oversee Vistana and, by extension, Westin.

Can I Sell My Westin Timeshare?

Yes, you can sell your Westin timeshare on the resale market and recoup some of the money you originally spent on your timeshare. There are a number of ways to go about it.

First, you can try it yourself if you feel confident that you can market and sell your timeshare. Social media outlets can sometimes help, as well as your network of friends and family and conventional outlets like newspapers. The only problem is that buyers do not necessarily look to these places to buy, since they search online like with any other product nowadays.

If you are looking for online help, you can work with a timeshare resale advertising company or a licensed brokerage firm which specializes in timeshares. Westin timeshares are extremely popular with potential buyers, so advertising online may work if you are comfortable handling the negotiation and paperwork involved in the process. You will also need to pay an advertising fee in advance, similar to any other form of advertising.

Licensed timeshare resale brokers work on a commission basis, so they don’t get paid until after a sale is made. That is a major incentive for sellers to use a brokerage. Agents help you price your Westin timeshare, handle the negotiation and the paperwork, taking the pressure off you. They operate like a traditional real estate firm and often have a network of other brokers that they work with, matching up sellers with buyers.

There is also the option to speak directly with Westin about selling your timeshare. Westin comes under the management of Vistana Signature Experiences, which is owned by Marriott. Therefore, owners will be referred to the Marriott team who may be able to help. However, understand that the Marriott in-house resale program charges 35-40% commission on any resales they close, which is the highest cost in the industry and much higher than the 15% that most third-party brokers charge for a sale.