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Timeshare Closing Services

One of the most important parts of selling your timeshare is the proper transfer from seller to buyer. While there are a variety of options to get the job done, you will want to use a company that has experience and a great reputation for customer service.

While it takes very little time to have a deed set up when you buy directly from a resort, that is not always the case when purchasing a timeshare on the resale market. There are times when closing services can take 12 weeks or more! If you have an experienced timeshare title company, they have relationships set up with resorts and know how to expedite this process. They also have a good idea of how long it can take to transfer ownership at the onset, so reasonable expectations are set.

Another good feature of an established timeshare closing service is customer support. Many offer customers a free online account that may be used to check the status of the closing at any time. They will also offer telephone support so a simple phone call should be able to answer all of your questions.

Timeshare Broker Associates, LLC prefers to do business with the following reputable closing services:

First American Title – First American is one of the best in the business, with the ability to close virtually any transaction. Their close relationships with big name developers paves the way for an worry-free transaction.

Chicago Title – One of the biggest names in title companies. While they may be slightly more expensive, they offer all the typical closing services, including title insurance.

Typically, closing services are a cost incurred by the buyer, just like a typical real estate transaction. However, everything is negotiable, including closing costs. A few of the components to closing costs include the title company’s fee, the resort’s transfer fee, recording costs and if necessary, title insurance. It is always best to disclose the approximate costs of title work in advance, so buyers may make an informed decision when making an offer.

If you have any questions about closing services, feel free to give us a call at 877-624-6889. We can direct you to a reputable company that can answer any question you may have.

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