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WorldMark Timeshare

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Sell WorldMark Timeshare Credits

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a WorldMark timeshare, you are sure to find a fantastic value on the resale market. WorldMark by Wyndham is a very popular brand due to its comfortable accommodations and flexibility with a wide range of vacation options. By securing ownership in WorldMark’s program, owners are free to pursue a vacation in nearly 100 different resort locations without having to pay additional fees through exchange programs such as RCI timeshare.

This is done through a credit based ownership program. The program provides maximum flexibility and frees you from having to stick to the standard weeklong timeshare format. While the length of your stay and the type of accommodations as well as the time of year you are visiting will be dependent on the number of credits, you still have many more options than in a standard timeshare agreement. If you want to use two weeks consecutively or take multiple weekend excursions WorldMark provides the flexibility to do just that.

Your credits are also eligible for use with RCI if you decide you are looking for something that one of the many WorldMark resorts does not provide, making such accommodation extremely attractive to potential buyers when you are attempting to sell your WorldMark timeshare.

Timeshare Broker Associates is proud to be a Featured Reseller of Wyndham Vacation Resorts, providing assistance and resources to owners who wish to resell their timeshare interest.

All 98 resorts are furnished in the same style and luxury that Wyndham is known for while providing 60 percent more space to relax in than a standard hotel room. With built in kitchens and room to accommodate the entire family it will be as if you have taken your home with you on vacation. Whether you wish to vacation on Hawaiian Beaches or go snowboarding in the Rockies WorldMark provides you with the flexibility to do both and plenty more. Few opportunities in the timeshare industry are as diverse as WorldMark credits!

Whether you are interested in buying or selling WorldMark timeshare resales there is no better choice than Timeshare Broker Associates, LLC. to help lead you through the process. We provide an easy transition in ownership with no hidden fees.

FAQ About WorldMark Timeshares


How Much Are WorldMark Timeshare Points Worth?

WorldMark charges about $3 per point (or credit as they are called) if you purchase through Worldmark. The big difference is that you don’t have to buy directly from WorldMark to get great vacations within their resort network.

WorldMark timeshare points can be purchased on the resale market at significant discounts because you are buying from an existing owner and not a resort staffer working on commission. Marketing costs and commissions can add up to as much as 60 percent of the resort price, so eliminating them can drastically reduce the cost of a WorldMark points package.

Resale points for sale for WorldMark are listed for as little as 36 cents/point which is amazing value. These resale point packages can range from 8,000 points to 200,000, but a week at a WorldMark timeshare resort can generally use up between 9,000 to 12,000 points for a one- or two-bedroom unit even in red week destinations such as Maui.

It doesn’t take a lot of points to stay in a WorldMark timeshare resort, so the cost can be even less than staying in a hotel – but with much more space and comfort.

How can I Get Out of my WorldMark Timeshare?

You should first try selling your WorldMark timeshare points, but if you are just looking to get out of your ownership they try contacting WorldMark directly to see if they can help. WorldMark is part of a Wyndham program called Certified Exit – Backed by Wyndham, which we are a part of as a Featured Reseller for Wyndham and WorldMark.

The program is set up for owners who are paid up with no mortgage or outstanding annual fees. It is mainly for long term owners but WorldMark handles requests on a case-by-case basis and there is no guarantee that they will let you out of your ownership. Most likely they will refer you to a preferred reseller such as us.

One area you want to avoid is the so-called timeshare cancellation company. These companies say they can get owners out of their timeshare, but they charge $5,000 or more and basically just contact WorldMark on behalf of owners – which you could do yourself at no cost to you.

If you have any questions about exiting your ownership, call us at 877-624-6889 for a no cost consultation.

How Do I Sell my WorldMark Timeshare?

You can go about selling WorldMark timeshare points in a number of ways, either through your own efforts, advertising online or using a timeshare resale broker. WorldMark does not have an in-house resale program, so they will only refer you to a preferred reseller such as us to handle your resale needs since we are a designated Featured Reseller for Wyndham and WorldMark timeshare products.

If you decide to sell on your own, you can try going to friends and family or using social media platforms like Facebook. Even trying outlets like magazines and newspapers might help but ask yourself where buyers are looking for WorldMark points.

About 94 percent of all online travel-related purchases start with an online search, like just about everything else. Internet searches are where the activity is, so if you decide to use an online advertising company make sure they are easy to find in an online search. Remember – if you can find them then neither can a buyer. For this option you would be paying an advertising fee to advertise your timeshare for sale, like any other form of advertising. If you are not comfortable paying in advance, then you will prefer using a timeshare broker.

Timeshare resale brokers are licensed real estate agencies that operate similar to a traditional real estate operation. You would be assigned a licensed agent who would promote your timeshare online and work with a network of other agents to find a buyer for your WorldMark timeshare points. They would negotiate the deal and do all the heavy lifting for you. You would just need to approve the deal. Payments are made by commission after the sale is closed, so you are not out of pocket unless there is a sale.

Is WorldMark a Good Deal?

WorldMark is a good deal especially if credits are bought on the resale market. Thousands of dollars can be saved by buying WorldMark points as resales, where you can buy for literally pennies on the dollar.

You can see WorldMark points for sale listed on our site for as little as $0.30 - $0.40 a point, so a package of 10,000 points could cost $4,000 as a resale. That can get you a one- or two-bedroom unit to vacation in WorldMark resorts across the country.

Even factoring in annual maintenance fees of about $1,100 a year, if you pro-rated the cost over a 20-year term you would have a week of vacation accommodation in a multi-room vacation condo for about $1,300 a year. That’s about $185 a night for a unit with separate bedrooms, full kitchens for healthy meal prep, living rooms and everything you would want in a home-away-from-home vacation unit.

For the money, that is a better deal than the family all piling onto the bed eating pizza in a hotel room.

What is the Difference between Wyndham and WorldMark?

Wyndham and WorldMark are similar programs, and both come under the Wyndham Destinations division owned by Travel + Leisure. While they are part of the same company, the difference depends on what type of timeshare product you are reviewing.

Wyndham manages deeded timeshare weeks as well as points programs such as Club Wyndham Access, so it is a hybrid operation with products dependent on when and at which resort the timeshare was purchased. Some owners may have purchased deeded timeshare weeks that are part of the Wyndham program, even though the company focuses on selling points to new owners.

WorldMark is a pure points program where points can be used at any of the more than 90 WorldMark timeshare resorts. The program operates more like a travel club, where owners book a unit at a resort within the network. The size of the unit depends on how many points they own.

The points programs for Wyndham and WorldMark operate in a similar way and both programs are intertwined in the sense that Wyndham points owners can choose to stay at either Wyndham or WorldMark resorts. WorldMark owners can also choose to vacation in a Wyndham resort, but must pay an additional fee to access those resorts.

The primary difference is that Wyndham has varying levels of programs and offers the choice of buying a deeded interest as well as a package of points, whereas WorldMark operates as a pure points program.