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Capital Vacations Timeshare

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A timeshare vacation is more than just the time spent at a resort; it is also made up of the countless vacation moments that you will always cherish. With Capital Vacations, the vacation ownership experience is centered on having the best moments possible from over 70 resort locations from Marathon, Florida in the Keys to Wisconsin Dells, and from Branson, Missouri to Grand Cayman.

Capital Vacation's Amazing Destinations

With the flexibility offered by a Capital Vacations timeshare membership, your membership accrues timeshare points which can be put toward the resort stay and time of your choice. You can have an exciting hiking experience through Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge one time, and a relaxing beach vacation in Florida the next.  

Plus, you won't only experience fun and entertainment while you are away. Exclusive membership discounts come in tiered plans that can be used not only on your trip but for hotel stays, cruises, attractions, entertainment, and theme parks both at home and on the road. You can even save money on everyday expenses such as groceries, or a golf outing with friends back home.

Capital Vacations offers resorts in the United States along the eastern seaboard from Maine to the Keys, as well as the Caribbean, the Carolinas, Wisconsin Dells, and Branson.

Each of the timeshare membership club's 70 plus resorts offers a slightly different experience, from beachfront properties with ocean views to mountain-themed resorts and lodges with rustic furnishings, easy access to wilderness areas and ski areas, and also resorts surrounded by shopping, dining, and nightlife.

Variety of Spacious Accommodations

With Capital Vacations timeshare ownership, you will know exactly what to expect and what to look forward to on your vacations. Whether you are looking for a family trip with kids or an adult retreat away from the everyday, your apartment or suite will be equipped with the comforts of a vacation home.

Many include essentials such as kitchens or kitchenettes, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, and separate living spaces and balconies where you can relax and unwind between your adventures.

The staff at each resort will be available to help guide you through the choices that await at each vacation home - the best restaurants, attractions, and new experiences to try that will suit your dream of the perfect trip.

That attention to detail and determination to give you the perfect vacation moments is what vacation ownership with Capital Vacations is all about. No matter where or how you choose to spend your vacation, they offer flexibility and consistency to make it a great one.

FAQ About Capital Vacations Timeshares


Is Capital Vacations a Timeshare?

Capital Vacations is a combination of a traditional timeshare and a vacation club operation. Capital acquired the resorts and management contracts for the resorts formerly affiliated with SPM and Defender Resorts, so those resorts are now managed by Capital and week owners operate under a traditional timeshare format.

Capital has also rolled out the Capital Vacations Club – which includes most of their managed resorts in a points-based program where members have the benefit of vacationing at any of the Club-affiliated resorts.

Both setups essentially function under the timeshare concept since owners and members both purchase time to vacation in a holiday resort. The primary difference is the flexibility of each ownership option.

Can a Family Member use your Capital Vacations Timeshare?

Yes, family members and guests can use a Capital Vacations timeshare. Owners need to inform Capital or their resort and provide the details of the family member or guests using the timeshare unit for check-in purposes. Certain rules and regulations must be adhered to in order to maintain the quality of the facility.

Are Capital Vacations Timeshares Worth It?

Capital Vacations timeshares offer great vacations at nearly 70 resorts within the Capital resort network, so they are absolutely worth it. But an important aspect to consider is the cost associated with the purchase.

Often the concept of a product being worth it is tied to the amount of money paid for the product. This is where timeshare resales come in, as buying on the resale market can save you as much as 60 percent off the resort retail price of a timeshare. Like most items, the less you pay - the better the deal.

Also – keep in mind that there are two possible ways to own a Capital Vacations timeshare – either a week at an affiliated resort or a membership in the Capital Vacations Club. Either are great ways to vacation, as they have their specific advantages depending on how you like to vacation but keep this in mind when you look at buying a timeshare.

For instance, you could vacation in the wonderful mountains of western North Carolina either by buying a timeshare week at Foxhunt at Sapphire Valley or by buying a membership in the Capital Club, since Foxhunt resort is also part of the Club. An advantage of buying a week is that you are guaranteed that week in a specific unit each year, while the Club also gives you the flexibility of different weeks at this or other resorts.

Timeshare exchange is also an option through exchange provider RCI, which opens up other destinations for week or Club owners. This is often an overlooked benefit of ownership, but an important one since you have essentially pre-paid for your vacation so you can choose from over 4,000 resorts for your next holiday.

The pre-paid aspect of ownership lets you pay for your future vacations at today’s prices. With Capital Vacations resales being such great value on the secondary market, you could look at buying a week at a resort such as Hollywood Beach Tower for as low as $2,000 and vacation in February each year in sunny South Florida. Since the average annual maintenance fee is about $1,000 per timeshare week according to the American Resort Development Association, prorating the total cost over a 20-year period gets you a two-bedroom condo each year for about $1,100 for the week, or about $160 a night. That’s great value for escaping the winter chill for a beach vacation in South Florida. Or exchanging for a different vacation spot. It’s your choice.

What Happens After You Pay Off Your Capital Vacations Timeshare?

You will own your Capital Vacations timeshare and the associated lien will be removed once you have paid it off, but keep in mind that annual fees will still need to be paid.

Typically, the concept of paying something off such as a home loan conjures up the idea of full ownership without a third party being involved. However, timeshares are different in that a timeshare loan is considered an unsecured loan – similar to a credit card – so there wouldn’t be an asset backing the loan. Your agreement is with the lender and the loan would be paid off, which is great news as it is one less payment to make, but your obligations to the resort or timeshare company remain.

Annual payments such as maintenance fees or annual dues are part of the agreement made when the timeshare is purchased and are still required after a timeshare is paid off. An advantage of paying off a timeshare loan is that it makes it easier to sell if you decide to sell your timeshare. You could sell without the need to pay off the balance of the loan.

Can You Sell Your Timeshare Back to the Resort?

Capital Vacations does not have a buy-back program, but they do work with third-party resale companies to help owners sell their timeshare. Timeshare Broker Associates is a Featured Reseller for Capital Vacations and works closely with the company to help owners transition out of their ownership and find new buyers.

One program that Capital has is a customer service program designed primarily for long term owners who may be in severe financial difficulty and looking for relief. Called Vacation Restoration by Capital Vacations, the company has representatives who will answer questions and see if they can provide help if owners are looking to exit their timeshare. Keep in mind that these programs are not known to offer compensation to owners, and owners must be paid up on annual fees with no mortgages or liens attached to their timeshare. There are no guarantees that owners can even give back their timeshare, but it is a communication tool that is available.