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Hyatt Timeshare Resales

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Buying Hyatt Residence Club timeshare resales can be a great alternative to second home ownership. By embracing the luxurious accommodations, owners have a deeded ownership interest while casting aside the typical worries associated with maintaining a vacation home.

Join the Club - the Hyatt Residence Club

As a member, one may choose spend as much or as little time at your home resort. You may also use timeshare points to explore other Hyatt timeshares. There are also more than 400 Hyatt hotels worldwide, or you may choose from over 2,700 resorts in more than 75 countries through an exchange. Locations such as California, Colorado, Florida and Puerto Rico give travelers every opportunity to enjoy a Hyatt Residence Club timeshare. With many places to choose from, guests will never feel as if they are without choices.

At the Hyatt Wild Oak Ranch resort in San Antonio enjoy amenities such as plasma screens in every bedroom, whirlpool baths, and dvd players. If you are interested in history, visit The Alamo. Looking for entertainment? SeaWorld and Six Flags are also nearby a Hyatt Resort. Activities include indoor and outdoor heated pool, Award Winning 27 Hole Arthur Hills Golf Course, and a state of the art fitness club. Children ages 3 to 12 have the option to participate in Club Hyatt with their own games. Guests with allergies will love that this is a non-smoking Hyatt resort.

Hyatt Quality at Resale Prices

Many people are buying Hyatt timeshares for the high quality of accommodations they are accustom to. We ensure buyers who want to purchase Hyatt timeshares are well aware of the benefits and amenities they will get with Hyatt ownership. When buyers take advantage of buying resale, they can save more than half of the original price for the exact same ownership benefits! We work hard to make sure your transaction is handled efficiently and in a professional manner. Call us at 877-624-6889 to contact one of our licensed resale agents today to buy or sell a Hyatt timeshare.

FAQ About Hyatt Timeshares


How Much is a Hyatt Timeshare?

This really depends on how the Hyatt timeshare is purchased, whether from Hyatt or on the resale market. Hyatt operates two types of ownership, deeded weeks or points ownership, and the costs can vary depending on the type of ownership. Hyatt is emphasizing selling points packages through their Portfolio program and has reportedly offered to sell Hyatt points at about $14.50 per point. However, with Hyatt timeshare points it is best to first look at the specific season of ownership since the seasons transfer across resorts.

For example, a week in a two-bedroom unit during Diamond season would run you about 2,200 points, whereas Platinum season would use up 2,000 points, Gold at 1,880 points, etc. Take this information and look at the resort you would most like to travel to and the week you would be looking at for a vacation.

If a summer week in Key West at Hyatt Windward Pointe works for you, then check the specific weeks and the corresponding season to see how many points you would need. For a week in June or July, this would come under the Gold Season and would go for 1,880 points. At the retail rate mentioned above, you would be looking at $27,260 for the amount of points you’d need to stay there.

Compare that to some of the resale prices on offer and you can see the amazing discounts available on Hyatt timeshares for sale on the resale market. Gold season fixed weeks are available at Hyatt Windward Pointe for as little as $6,000, which is a massive saving. While the points could give you more flexibility in choosing different weeks each year, keep in mind that a fixed week can be deposited into a timeshare exchange company such as Interval International and swapped for a different week at a resort within the Hyatt timeshare network.

Best to contact a licensed timeshare resale agent to learn more about how the program works and the best fit for your vacation needs.

How Does Hyatt timeshare Work?

Hyatt timeshare owners either have access to their fixed week of timeshare at their “home” resort or can use Hyatt points to vacation in one of the resorts within the Hyatt Residence Club network. Owners contact Hyatt to book a vacation in their resort, either using their week for vacation or using their points to request a stay in their preferred resort. Points owners also have the option of splitting up their points to use for multiple shorter stays such as mid-week or weekend getaways.

Once the booking is requested, Hyatt will confirm the booking and you would handle this like any other type of vacation reservation. For fixed week owners, this is more of a formality to let the resort know you intend to use your week so they can prepare the unit. Points owners will need Hyatt to confirm the booking because the request is based on availability at the resort.

In either case, owners would pay annual maintenance fees or dues based on their ownership. This covers the ongoing resort maintenance, tax liabilities and management issues which are part of the resort or Portfolio points program.

Remember that owners can also become members of an exchange company such as Interval International and exchange the use of their week or points to stay in one of the 3,000+ affiliated resorts across the globe.

How Do I Get Out of Hyatt Timeshare?

There are several options to get out of a Hyatt timeshare, the best of which is selling your timeshare and getting some return from your initial outlay.

When selling, you typically can try selling your Hyatt timeshare yourself, using the service of an online advertising company or hiring a licensed timeshare resale agent. Selling your timeshare yourself would use your own promotional methods, maybe using social media like Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, and handling all of the negotiation and paperwork yourself. This may seem like a good idea, but can you really find buyers that way?

Using an online timeshare advertising company can help, especially using one that specializes in timeshare resales. The only drawback is that they charge advertising fees in advance, but with a Hyatt timeshare you will have a better chance than most because of the high quality and demand for the product.

The most economical and safest way to sell is with a licensed timeshare resale agent. These agents work for real estate firms licensed and regulated by state law and mainly operate on a no upfront fee, commission-only basis. They only get paid after the sale, which gives them the incentive to get your Hyatt timeshare sold. Plus, they handle all the negotiation and paperwork for you so all you need to do is approve the deal.

Another way to get out of your Hyatt timeshare could be contacting Hyatt directly to see if they can help. Hyatt is owned by Marriott, so you would probably be referred to their exit team but not all resorts, weeks or points qualify for their exit program. Ownership would need to be clear of any mortgages or liens with all maintenance fees and dues paid up to even be considered – with no compensation for the owner should the request be approved.

One way that you may have heard of is using the so-called timeshare exit companies but proceed with extreme caution if you go down that route. These exit companies charge huge upfront fees as much as $10,000 but cannot guarantee the exit because Hyatt is the only one who can authorize such a transaction. These companies are often under legal scrutiny and have been investigated by state Attorneys General for alleged deceptive business practices. You can save yourself the money and angst by contacting Hyatt yourself to request the exit.

Will Hyatt Buy Back My Timeshare?

Hyatt has suspended its buy back program for timeshares and there is no definite timetable for when the program may resume. Hyatt is offering a deed-back program for certain ownership levels at select resorts, but that only means an owner may be able to give back their timeshare to Hyatt with no compensation. This is offered through the Hyatt exit program, but several conditions are involved such as the timeshare ownership paid in full, and all maintenance fees or annual dues must be up to date.

Does It Cost to be a Hyatt Member?

Yes it does cost to be a Hyatt Resident Club member. The program operates similar to a vacation club or timeshare program in that a buyer purchases either a deeded interest in a particular “home” resort or buy Hyatt points as part of the Portfolio program. The buyer then owns vacation time at a resort within the Hyatt timeshare network and the actual cost depends on whether the purchase was made directly through Hyatt or on the discounted resale market, typically through a third-party broker or online resale company.

Costs of ownership bought through Hyatt are significantly higher than buying on the resale market, since the resorts have marketing costs and sales commissions included in their prices. This can be as high as 60 percent of the resort retail price – costs which do not factor into resale prices. Even so, some of the advertised resale prices can seem a bit high as well, so it is best to contact a licensed resale brokerage agent to see what deals are available. Call 877-624-6889 to find out more about Hyatt timeshare resales.