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Hilton Timeshare

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Hilton resorts are recognized world-wide for their luxurious accommodations and upscale amenities. The Hilton Grand Vacations Club (HGVC) is one of the timeshare industry’s premier vacation ownership. With locations in some of the world’s most enthralling holiday destinations, HGVC boasts a unique points-based accommodations and exchange system that earns accolades for its unique flexibility options. Buy a Hilton timeshare resale and ski the Rockies, explore the Big Apple or slip away to sunny Mexico; HGVC has a resort style and budget for everyone.

Incredible Savings on Hilton Timeshare Resales

Buying Hilton timeshare resales enables you to enjoy the benefits of a luxury resort without paying for the developer’s inflated commission, sales and marketing costs, which can range from 50-60% over the actual price. Buy Hilton timeshare resales from a current owner and you’ll be paying only for what you want – an amazing annual vacation at a cost that’s guaranteed year after year, whether you use your own timeshare or exchange for another.

Timeshare vacations are affordable, relaxing, stress-free and accommodating, and Hilton leads the pack with stunning locations, world-class amenities and a wide range of styles and sizes.

Rooms vary from affordable studios to three-bedroom units that can sleep ten or more guests. Kitchens and bathrooms come fully stocked with appliances and extras like linens, TVs and VCRs, and you can do your laundry right at your home away from home.

With amenities from heated pools and luxury spas to lounges and exquisite restaurants, HGVC timeshares offer dreamy holidays at prices you thought you could only dream of.

Why Buy Hilton Timeshares?

Hilton’s innovative points-based resorts and exchange system grants you currency in the form of Club Points, with packages developed to best suit the buyer’s holiday needs. Hilton recognizes that their members’ busy lives mean changing vacation schedules may call for maximum flexibility. Club members who would like to splurge on a longer vacation can even borrow from the following year’s points for use in the current year. Conversely, they can also save a current year’s points for use in the following year.

The timeshare plan is considered a lifetime membership and the rate at which you purchase today remains in effect for a lifetime, even if it’s deeded to your heirs. Exchanging for other units in glamorous locales around the world is a breeze with Hilton’s points plan, and you may even find yourself swapping your vacation spot for a motorcycle adventure or Caribbean cruise.

In addition to owning a luxurious timeshare in one of the globe’s most desirable destinations, HGVC members enjoy numerous valuable benefits. Ownership immediately makes you a Silver VIP Hilton Honors member, conferring special perks at select Hilton Hotels. Because Hilton is associated with Resort Condominiums International (RCI), HGVC members have access to over 3,700 resorts around the globe.

Heavenly Hilton Club Partner perks include unusual timeshare opportunities like exchanging for cruises, travelling in an El Monte RV, experiencing life on a Forever Resorts Houseboat or enjoying a holidays in one of Fiesta Americana Hotels exquisite Mexican and South American resorts.

Glitz, Glamour and More

From sophisticated city escapes to enchanting romantic getaways and fun-filled family resorts, HGVC holiday locations range from stunning Hawaiian beaches to glitzy Las Vegas luxury properties and cosmopolitan Manhattan hotels.

With splendid resorts, glamorous locations and opulent amenities, Hilton timeshare resales lure buyers from around the world. City-lovers, beach fanatics and outdoor enthusiasts love the boundless flexibility of HGVC holidays, and buying a timeshare at resale prices offer incredible bargains on these enthralling properties. Find out more about Hilton timeshare resales by contacting our skilled agents who specialize in Hilton resales.

FAQ About Hilton Timeshares


How Much does a Hilton Timeshare Cost?

Hilton has stated that the average cost for a new Hilton timeshare is about $22,000, but this is if the timeshare is purchased through Hilton. The cost depends on several factors – with significant savings if a package of Hilton timeshare points is purchased on the resale market.

Hilton sells timeshare as a deeded interest in a particular resort, with points attached that can be used within the Hilton timeshare resort network. The cost is higher if purchased directly from Hilton because of associated sales and marketing costs included in the price that are recouped through the sale. The cost also varies depending on how many points are purchased, with more points needed for larger units or specific, higher demand accommodations such as West 57th Street by Hilton Club on Manhattan in New York City.

Timeshare resale prices are lower because those sales and marketing costs are not included since buyers are purchasing directly from existing owners. That can save 50-60% off the cost by buying resale – with savings even higher depending on the home resort and the points package.

Buyers should first assess their needs regarding size and location of the timeshare – whether you need a one- or two-bedroom unit or would a studio unit suffice? Would your family rather have a home resort in Orlando at a resort such as Hilton Grand Vacations Club at SeaWorld or does a Hawaii location make more sense at Grand Waikikian or The Bay Club at Waikoloa Beach Resort? As a point of reference, a one-bedroom unit for a Gold week at Hilton SeaWorld will require 3,400 points, while a two-bedroom needs 5,000 points. You can see 5,000 points listed on our site for as little as $4,000, so looking online for Hilton timeshare resales makes a lot of sense before jumping into a purchase at the resort.

Is a Hilton Timeshare a Good Investment?

The answer depends on your definition of the word investment. Timeshares are not a financial investment since they depreciate in value in the vast majority of cases – including Hilton timeshares.

This isn’t to say they aren’t a good buy, since the product is a use product and the real value is in the vacations and shared experiences they provide with families and friends. This is why the industry refers to timeshare as a lifestyle investment – because you are investing time into your experiences and relationships rather than making it about a financial investment.

The financial outlay for a timeshare is about locking in future vacations at today’s prices – as a way to hedge against inflation for future vacations. Hotel room prices always seem to be on the rise, so buying a timeshare is a way to keep the costs consistent. However, when buying on the resale market you will see savings as much as 60 percent compared to resort retail prices. This saves buyers thousands of dollars upfront. Even considering the annual maintenance fees, prorating the purchase price and annual fees over a 20- or 30-year ownership period makes the overall yearly average cost of accommodation a great deal considering the high-quality accommodation you get in a Hilton timeshare.

For example, take a look at an Orlando timeshare at Hilton Grand Vacations Club at SeaWorld. You’ll see 5,000 points on our site as low as $4,000 for a week during Gold season. That will get you use of a two-bedroom unit with kitchen and spacious living room and dining areas in addition to the privacy you will want while on vacation. Considering the average yearly maintenance fee is about $1,000, prorating the total cost over 20 years and you’ll get the unit for about $1,200 for the week, or about $170 a night. For a luxury two-bedroom vacation unit at a Hilton resort.

Unlike paying for a hotel room each year, at least you can sell your Hilton timeshare and make some money back on your initial outlay.

How does Hilton Timeshare Work?

The Hilton timeshare program works similar to the way a travel club works – which is why they tend to refer to themselves as a vacation club. The buyer purchases an interest in the club, which is deeded to one of the resorts within the Hilton timeshare network. That establishes the resort as your “home” resort, giving you certain privileges at that resort such as an early booking window to reserve your reservation.

Points are allocated to the owner, which function as a type of vacation currency to be used to book vacation accommodation at Hilton timeshare resorts. Owners purchase their timeshare according to a color-coded season, which specifies the time of year you can use your points to book accommodation. Seasons are Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze, with Platinum being the highest level with the most popular weeks. Many of the higher demand resorts only offering the higher Platinum and Gold level memberships.

These seasons allow for a specific timeframe for booking weeks. For example, Hilton Grand Vacations at the Boulevard in Las Vegas designates weeks 51-52 as Platinum weeks, which reserves the high demand Christmas holiday season for Platinum owners.

Costs vary by season, so keep this in mind if you have a specific time of the year that you like to take a vacation. Remember that if your schedule is flexible, you can find some real bargains in the lower Silver or Bronze tiers such as off-peak October or December weeks in places like Marco Island.

Points are also connected to the size of unit you prefer for your vacations. The larger the unit, the more points are needed to stay in that unit. Take this into account as you prioritize the size of unit you need on vacation when you look for points packages.

Once your buy your Hilton timeshare points deeded to your home resort, you can go into the Hilton system and look for available vacation accommodation. You will have a priority early booking window at your home resort between 12 months and 9 months prior to your requested week. After 9 months, you can search the remaining available weeks at other resorts within the network.

You can also use your points to vacation at one of the 5,500 resorts within the Hilton Honors rewards program or exchange the use of your points to stay at a resort affiliated with exchange provider RCI.

Does Hilton have a Timeshare Program?

Yes, the Hilton timeshare program is called Hilton Grand Vacations Club and comes under the timeshare arm of Hilton called Hilton Grand Vacations. The program will boast over 150 resorts and more than 700,000 members as a result of recent acquisitions, making it the second largest timeshare operator in the world. Resorts are located throughout major vacation destinations in the U.S. as well as Scotland, Italy, Portugal, Mexico, Barbados and Japan.

Are There Any Benefits to Owning a Hilton Timeshare?

There are several benefits, not the least of which is securing high quality vacation accommodation in some of the most popular destinations in the country. Hilton timeshare resorts are located in such in-demand urban locations as New York City, Chicago, Washington, D.C. and Las Vegas. Vacation in chic South Beach, Hawaii’s Waikiki Beach, southern California or family-friendly Myrtle Beach among other great spots. Tackle the slopes in Park City or Breckenridge. Plus, there are always the theme parks of Orlando to visit. International destinations like Scotland, Italy, Portugal, Mexico and Japan are also options.

The flexibility of using Hilton timeshare points to travel to these and other destinations is a major reason why owners love the program. Because owners have prepaid for their annual vacation accommodation, ownership is a major incentive to get away every year with family or friends. You will also lock in your future vacations at today’s prices by buying a Hilton timeshare for sale, saving you money compared to rising hotel rates.

Ownership allows you to exchange your timeshare points for use in other resorts within the Hilton Grand Vacations Club network. You will also have access to the worldwide resort platform of RCI where you can exchange your ownership to stay in any of the 4,000 resorts around the world which are affiliated with RCI.

Owners are also enrolled in the Hilton Honors program, letting you use your timeshare points to vacation from over 5,500 Hilton resorts in 100 countries across the globe. You’ll also get the great benefits in the Honors program such as discounts on car rentals, are fares and other travel products. And if your looking to sell Hilton timeshare the m,arket is great for this well known brand.