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The Disney Vacation Club is one of the most widely known names when it comes to timeshares and vacation homes. For those unfamiliar with the basics of the DVC, it is a points-based timeshare program that is owned and operated by Disney. The club is home to eleven resorts in all which have an excellent reputation within the timeshare community as well as a high rating in owner satisfaction. If you have ever considered owning a Disney timeshare, you will want to read on to find out more information about an excellent value with Disney timeshare resales.

Benefits of Owning a Disney Timeshare

Timeshare owners who are a part of the Disney Vacation Club get to take advantage of their share of undivided real estate interest. This amount is awarded to them in DVC points that are presented to each member on an annual basis. These points can go toward vacation reservations at their own home resort, or at one of the other resorts located within the Disney Vacation Club internal exchange.

Another benefit associated with owning a DVC timeshare is the quick access to all the Disney theme parks. These vacation resorts are located just minutes away from Walt Disney World and the many other recreational parks available in the area. Providing your guests with easy access to the happiest place on earth is definitely a perk that you can benefit from for many years to come. Whether you plan on spending your vacation at your timeshare property or choose to rent the space out to someone else, you can sit back and enjoy the savings.

The Disney Vacation Club is currently home to eleven high-quality resorts, and more is planned to be constructed in the future. These resorts provide guests with access to Walt Disney World, Animal Kingdom, Bay Lake Tower, Beach Club Villas, Saratoga Springs and more. Along with the popular Florida destination, there are also DVC resorts located in Oahu, Hawaii and Hilton Head, South Carolina. The majority of the DVC resorts that are located in Walt Disney World, and Disneyland are situated next to Disney’s resort hotels. In comparison to the DVC resorts, many guests claim that the timeshare properties are much nicer than the rooms at the nearby hotels.

Why Buy Disney Timeshare Resales?

If you are interested in purchasing Disney timeshare resales, you will want to take the time to consider all the pros and cons involved, the price and if you are doing the best thing for your financial situation. If you choose to purchase your timeshare directly from Disney, you should expect to pay top-dollar for the property. Choosing to buy Disney timeshare resales will cut your purchase price in half while still providing you with the same exceptional benefits and opportunities.

FAQ About Disney Timeshares


How much does a Disney timeshare cost?

This depends on how the Disney timeshare is purchased in the first place. There are two primary ways you can buy Disney points – through Disney or on the resale market. Buying through resorts or developers such as Disney has always been the more expensive option, as resort prices carry sales commissions and marketing costs included as the resort tries to recoup its expenses through the sale.

Disney says its starting point is $201 per point, which adds up to $25,125 for a package of 125 points. Disney sets difference costs for different resorts, so points packages to own a timeshare at Grand Floridian could cost more than a package for Boardwalk Villas or Old Key West resort.

To give you an idea of what type of accommodation 125 points can provide for a week’s stay, think studio unit for the majority of the Disney timeshare resorts. Unless you want to visit Hilton Head in January, or Vero Beach or Animal Kingdom in September, you will be staying in a studio. The multi-room one-, two or three-bedroom units require more points. This is what makes Disney timeshare resales such great value when compared to the resort costs.

On the resale market, you can get much better value for your purchase. For example, we’ve had 160 points for sale at the Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas for as little as $106 per point. At this price, you could stay in a one-bedroom villa at various times of the year and even add more points to your total to open more resort options for less money than buying through Disney.

Is a Disney timeshare worth it?

Absolutely, especially if you are a fan of everything Disney. As a Disney timeshare member, Disney takes special care with perks and specials not available to hotel guests. You will also have preferred access to your home resort at high demand times of the year.

Disney timeshare points are deeded back to a specific resort, called a home resort, so you will be designated a particular resort if you buy Disney points. This gives you an advantage, since most owners have a favorite resort they prefer to stay in. You will be able to book your accommodation earlier than other members who are designated at different resorts within the network, plus you can use your points at other Disney timeshare resorts if you want a different experience.

DVC members also get perks such as special access to the iconic Top of the World Lounge at the Contemporary Resort’s Bay Lake Tower and exchange privileges through the World Collection. These exchange options span 3,300 resorts around the world – expanding the use of your Disney points for more worldwide vacations.

When comparing whether a Disney timeshare is worth it, keep resale prices in mind. The discounts you get by buying Disney points on the resale market add up to thousands of dollars saved compared to buying directly through Disney. When you prorate the cost over the number of years you own your timeshare, this adds up to considerable savings since most resale purchases save 50-60% off the resort retail prices.

Is the Disney Vacation Club a timeshare?

At its core, Disney Vacation Club is a timeshare product regardless of how the product is packaged and sold. In many ways, the Disney Vacation Club operates like a travel club program because of the flexibility of the points to be used across its resort network. However, because the points are deeded back to a specific resort, the owner owns an interest in their home resort. The fundamentals of timeshare are that an owner buys an interest in a resort which allows them to vacation in that resort every year and pay annual fees for the upkeep and maintenance of the resort. Disney owners do the same thing – buying vacation time in a resort and paying annual fees associated with their ownership.

How long is a Disney Vacation Club membership?

This depends on the Disney Vacation Club resort at which you purchased. Disney sells time-limited agreements which expire on a specific year, so members purchasing either directly from Disney or on the resale market will have a set number of years to enjoy their membership before it expires.

Buying a Disney Vacation Club membership on the resale market means that the buyer is purchasing the remaining years on the contract from the existing owner. This is one reason that the resale deals are so discounted. Because the expiry dates are so far out, the buyer will have years of vacations to enjoy. The years of expiration for Disney timeshare resorts are as follows:

  • Beach Club 2042
  • Boardwalk 2042
  • Boulder Ridge 2042
  • Hilton Head 2042
  • Vero Beach 2042
  • Old Key West 2042 or 2057 (depending on the contract)
  • Saratoga Springs 2054
  • Animal Kingdom 2057
  • Bay Lake Tower 2060
  • Grand Californian 2060
  • Aulani 2062
  • Grand Floridian 2064
  • Polynesian 2066
  • Copper Creek 2068
  • Riviera Resort 2070

Because the vacation priorities of families are different, you may want a membership for a longer term if you are a younger family with small children or you may not need the additional years on offer for some of the newer resorts. Cost also factors into this decision, so because of this unusual dynamic it is best to speak with a licensed timeshare resale agent to make sure the value of the resale deal is the best fit for your vacation needs.

Can you negotiate Disney Vacation Club?

Yes, if you are buying Disney Vacation Club points on the resale market because you negotiate with an existing owner who is selling their points. You can save significant money on the resale market, however, keep in mind that Disney has a right of first refusal policy. This means that if the negotiated price is too low in Disney’s eyes then Disney will offer to buy the timeshare back from the seller to protect the price integrity on the resale market.

All resale transactions must be approved through Disney, so they make this determination on a case-by-case basis depending on the resort involved and the size of the transaction. This is one reason why using a licensed agent to search for Disney points is your best option, since the agents understand the price thresholds and nuances of dealing with Disney timeshare products.