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Brilliant sunshine, soft sand and aqua blue water lapping up along the shoreline. This is the perfect picture of a tropical vacation destination which can be yours with a Caribbean timeshare. Of course, there is much more to a Caribbean vacation than just the beach. But with some of the most spectacular beaches in the world and year-round warm weather, a Caribbean timeshare vacation is synonymous with sun, sand and shoreline.

The Caribbean Sea hosts a diverse region of islands that each tell their own story, from the amazing mountain ranges of Jamaica to the unique history of Puerto Rico. The legacy of indigenous and colonial influences mix to present an amazing variety of cultures, each unique yet blended to create a region known for terrific outdoor experiences and traditions.

When it comes to the Caribbean islands that have embraced quality timeshare resort vacations, some islands have set themselves apart as must-see destinations. Those islands are Aruba, St Maarten, St Thomas, the Dominican Republic and Grand Cayman.


Known for years as the most popular of the Caribbean timeshare islands, resorts in Aruba are known for their spacious units, luxurious amenities and fantastic setting. Only 70 square miles in size and flat as a pancake in most areas, Aruba boasts some of the most amazing beaches in the world.

With a strong Dutch heritage, Aruba is located in the southern Caribbean near the South American coast, but English is widely spoken and the island enjoys a laid-back atmosphere that creates a fabulous place to relax. Palm Beach and Eagle Beach are the leading locales for top timeshare resorts, where you’ll also find some of the best casinos on the island. Golfing, shopping and dining options make for a memorable getaway that you’ll look forward to every year.

St Maarten

This fascinating island shares Dutch and French jurisdictions, with the two sides of the island actually separated by a boarder – which you’ll miss if you blink going past the sign. The Dutch side (also known as Sint Maarten) or the French side (known as Saint Martin) each have their own traditions – such as topless beaches on the French side – but join together to provide an exceptional Caribbean timeshare experience.

The island boasts marvelous timeshare resorts and beaches such as Simpson Bay and Little Bay (Dutch) as well as Long Bay and Red Bay (French) – so you’ll never run out of places to catch some rays. With more gourmet restaurants per square mile than anywhere in the world, you’ll also have a satisfied palate as well.

St Thomas

Long known for its duty-free shopping bargains, St Thomas is the mainstay of the U.S. Virgin Islands. As a United States territory, no passports are needed from US citizens and travel is relatively easy.

For sun lovers, Magens Bay is the spot to check out with a protected, pristine beach and perfect swimming conditions. Many of the Caribbean timeshare resorts on St Thomas are located on the eastern side of the island near Water Bay and Cowpet Bay – and close to Red Hook, with its fabulous restaurants and ferry to the island of St John.

Snorkeling, diving and amazing water sports are popular, but so are impressive historic sites that highlight the Dutch and pirate influences during the early years of settlement. Blackbeard’s Castle and Fort Christian are two such examples. Also – don’t miss the scenic outlook at Paradise Point and a banana daiquiri at Mountain Top.

Dominican Republic

An emerging Caribbean timeshare destination with resorts located mainly along the northern and eastern coast, most visitors focus on the more well-known stretch between the towns of Punta Cana and Puerto Plata. However, the DR is also where Christopher Columbus first discovered the New World, so the history of the country is unique and impressive.

Spectacular beaches such as Cabarete, Playa Rincon, and the Bavaro area will live up to their billing, but make sure you venture into the rainforest areas to see the scenic waterfalls in Ebano Verde or the caves and lagoons of El Choco National Park.

Grand Cayman

Long known as the top scuba diving destination in the Caribbean, and with a picturesque beach known by only its nickname of 7 Mile Beach, you won’t find a better watersports locale than Grand Cayman. The standard of living in this British protectorate may be the best in the entire region, with a local currency stronger than the US dollar. Choosing a Caribbean timeshare in Grand Cayman is an easy decision when you are looking for a quality location with all of the conveniences and luxuries to which you are accustomed.

Get into the water to play with the stingrays at Stingray City, grab a rum punch at Rum Point on the north side, or check out the Cayman Turtle Center to learn about the area’s flippered friends. With water visibility often over 100ft, the diving and snorkeling is spectacular. You can also check out the deep from the air-conditioned comfort of a submarine.  

Wherever you decide to take a Caribbean timeshare vacation, rest assured that you will get great value by buying here on the resale market at a 50-60% discount compared to resort prices. Contact Timeshare Broker Associates at 877-624-6889 for more information.   

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