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Sell Capital Vacations Timeshare

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    Sell Capital Vacations Timeshare

    Capital Vacations is the latest in a new wave of vacation companies that provide ownership in a flexible, points-based program where members can experience a fantastic array of destinations. But even with the allure of high quality annual vacations, owners know that ultimately the time comes to sell Capital Vacations timeshare.

    Circumstances change, and with different lifestyle conditions comes the need to sell. Maybe you no longer have the finances or the ability to travel every year. Perhaps your family situation has changed. The reasons may be varied, but your decision to sell a Capital Vacations timeshare membership means you’ll need a trusted resource to help you. Timeshare Broker Associates is all that and more.

    Timeshare Broker Associates is proud to be a Preferred Reseller of the Capital Vacations Club, providing assistance and resources to owners who wish to resell their timeshare interest. For more information, please fill out our form and a licensed agent will contact you as soon as possible.

    Never Any Upfront Fees

    Using a no upfront fee method of selling timeshare, our licensed agents can list your ownership and work to find you a new owner without any capital outlay from you. Our agents are paid on commission after the sale is closed, the same way a traditional real estate agent would be compensated. That ensures we are working on your behalf to get your ownership sold.

    Our membership in the American Resort Development Association and the National Association of Realtors makes your choice to use us to sell Capital Vacations timeshare an easy one. Contact us today and in the meantime we’ll continue to promote the benefits of your ownership to attract buyers.

    Nearly 70 Resorts and a World of Possibilities

    From Maine to Florida and from South Carolina to St. Maarten, a Capital Vacations timeshare has you covered wherever you travel. Whether you are hitting the beach at resorts such as Hollywood Beach Tower or La Costa Beach Club or trekking through the Wisconsin Dells, your family will benefit from the countless opportunities to create unforgettable memories that come with owning a timeshare.

    With a Capital Vacations timeshare, it's easier than ever before to explore the world on your terms. This club offers remarkable flexibility, and the collection of member resorts is outstanding. Capital makes both its collection of resorts and select associate resorts available to its membership. Capital points can be used on properties within these extensive collections to ensure that members are always able to vacation wherever they choose.

    Timeshare owners also may decide to participate in the Capital Lifestyles Program, which provides access to all sorts of discounts on everything from everyday purchases to travel. Owners may bank their Capital Vacations points if they don't use all of them during a particular year, and it also is possible to borrow points from next year so that you have the ultimate in flexibility.

    Fun Timeshare Destinations

    You'll find Capital properties in popular destinations like Orlando, Florida and Branson, Missouri. Opportunities to enjoy golf in Myrtle Beach from resorts such as Beach House Golf & Racquet Club or Maritime Beach Club provide fabulous getaways. 

    Try the taste of conch fritters in Grand Cayman, or perhaps you'll travel to Ocean City to catch spectacular sunrises. A stay at Foxhunt at Sapphire Valley opens up the mountains of North Carolina to hit the slopes. With plenty of options available, you'll never run out of new places to explore.

    Whether you want to play golf, go skiing, lay by the pool or discover the fascinating Caribbean, the world is at your feet. A points-based system assures you of the ultimate in travel flexibility regardless of where you roam. If you need more information about whether to purchase or sell Capital Vacations timeshare, give us a call on 877-624-6889.

    Sell Capital Vacations Timeshare

      What can we help you with?