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Sell Disney Boardwalk Villas Points

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    Sell Disney Boardwalk Villas Timeshare Points

    A Disney vacation on Disney property with easy access to the theme parks and attractions is what every Disney fan craves. Owners know that a stay at Disney's Boardwalk Villas is a great choice to satisfy those cravings, but owners also know that the time eventually comes to sell Disney's Boardwalk Villas timeshare points.

    When that time comes, know that the experienced licensed agents at Timeshare Broker Associates can help. Fill out our inquiry form or call us on 877-624-6889 for a no-cost consulation. Otherwise, read on for more informtion. 

    Reasons to Sell

    We understand that owners sell for a variety of reasons. With 75+ years of combined timeshare industry experience, we’ve seen it all. 

    Maybe your kids have grown up and you don’t vacation like you used to. Perhaps your finances have changed or your family is different now. And those maintenance fees seem to go up every year. Whatever the reason, we know it can be a tough choice to sell your Disney Boardwalk Villas points.

    Licensed Agents Ready to Help

    Our agents are licensed real estate agents that can handle all aspects of the sales process. We do the work so you don’t have to, taking the pressure off so you can concentrate on other matters rather than selling your Disney points.

    We will discuss your need to sell your Boardwalk Villas ownership, review the details of your ownership and prepare the listing agreement. Once you decide to use our services, we will promote your Disney points for sale online and to our network of timeshare resale brokers.

    Once we have found a buyer, we will handle the negotiation and present offers to you. The process continues until a sale is made and we will prepare the purchase agreement and handle all of the paperwork for you. We’ll refer your agreement to a closing company and the deal will be closed and ownership transferred to the new owner. All you’ll need to do is count the cash that comes in!

    No Upfront Fees

    Speaking of cash, we don’t get paid until after the sale is made and finalized, meaning no upfront fees are paid by the seller. You get all of this work done at no cost to you, since we operate on a commission-only basis similar to the way a real estate agent would sell a home.

    Disney Vacation Club is an innovator in the timeshare industry and operates one of the most successful vacation ownership programs in the world. Disney fans are like no other and DVC has tapped into that love to create demand for Disney points that you can leverage through our timeshare resale program.

    When you decide to sell Disney's Boardwalk Villas timeshare points, give us a call at 877-624-6889 or fill out the form on this page. We’ll contact you as soon as possible.         

    Sell Disney Boardwalk Villas Points

      What can we help you with?