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Setting Your Asking Price

Setting your asking price reasonably is one of the most important factors in selling a timeshare. So what is “reasonable”? To most owners, it would mean getting back at least what was paid. In reality, most timeshares sell far below what was originally paid. Just like a new car depreciating in value the minute it is driven off the lot.

There are many varieties of timeshares, and some hold their resale value better than others. One such example is a Marriott timeshare. In fact, most branded timeshare, such as Disney, Hilton, Westin, etc. have some of the highest resale values. People trust these brands due to their stable financial status and reputation for excellence.

Other resorts might have very little resale value. Take, for example, the instance where an owner was willing to practically give her Christie Lodge timeshare away for $1, only to be denied by the resort’s HOA. There are even programs available where people pay other companies to take their timeshare from them! (We would never recommend following through with these so-called “relief” “exit” or “unburdening” programs as many of these companies never actually transfer your ownership.)

The bottom line is that in order to sell your timeshare, it is extremely important to know where your timeshare and ownership details fit into the market’s demand. If you set a realistic price, you have a much better chance of getting offers and getting rid of your timeshare forever.

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