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Banner Elk Timeshare

In North Carolina, you can relax on the beach on one end and then drive a few hours to experience life in the mountains. Many of the top tourist areas in the state cater to those looking to get away from the noises of the big city and Banner Elk is one of those destinations. While you can enjoy a wine tasting during the day or go hiking in the afternoon, you'll also find some other attractions that are perfect for those who own a Banner Elk timeshare.

The Avery County Beer and Wine Festival is one of the top reasons to visit your Banner Elk timeshare. This festival highlights the delicious.... Read More

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wines and beers produced by local vineyards and breweries. You can sample the top choices from local companies and take some back to your timeshare. The festival takes place near the end of June, not long before the Fine Art and Master Craft Festival in July. This is your chance to see some of the arts and crafts produced by artisans in the area. Many artists use methods passed down from one generation to the next.

Indoor and Outdoor Fun

Apple Hill Farm is a local farm that produces fruits and vegetables every year. It's open to the public and lets you get close to alpacas and other cute animals. When you buy a Banner Elk timeshare, you can also visit Banner Elk Stables to take a horseback ride and hit the hiking trails through the Blue Ridge Mountains. Whether you rent a bike or bring one from home, you'll want to head up the Emerald Outback Trail, which takes you more than 5,000 feet above sea level. Visitors also love Grandfather Mountain, Rocky Knob Mountain Bike Park, Banner House Museum and Beech Mountain History Museum. Those attractions represent just a few things you can do in the area and give you an idea of why you should look for a Banner Elk timeshare today.

Blue Ridge Mountains Weather

The Blue Ridge Mountains are easily one of the most beautiful and accessible mountain ranges in the nation. Banner Elk is right in the heart of this mountain range and experiences the same climate and weather patterns that you would expect. You can expect some light snow to fall as early as October and to keep falling through February or March. It can be quite cold the higher you go into the mountains but still be nice and sunny further below. You may find it helpful to wear layers to compensate for those temperature changes.