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Baraboo Timeshares

Baraboo, Wisconsin, near the popular Wisconsin Dells vacation haven, is also known as the former home of the Ringling Brothers Circus. Even now the circus' legacy is a major draw for families enchanted by the circus and its performers, while the natural beauty of the Wisconsin landscape attracts crowds of visitors to Baraboo timeshares every summer wanting to hike, swim, and boat in the surrounding parks and lakes.

June through August is the busiest time to stay in Baraboo timeshares, so expect plenty of fellow travelers when you come for a family vacation in.... Read More

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the summertime. Spring is the second-busiest season, coinciding with popular annual events like the Art Fair and Spring Wine Walk. Tourism declines in the fall and winter as colder temperatures make outdoor activities less enticing, but you'll still find a winter wonderland for snowmobiling, ice fishing, and watching Downtown Baraboo light up in December for the holidays.

Classic Small Town America

Baraboo's downtown area is a classic American small down downtown area with small, unique shops, locally-owned bars, and restaurants, and easily walked streets. Many of the major events take place downtown, bringing music and live entertainment during the evening hours of the tourism season. From Memorial Day through Labor Day you can catch Historic Walking Tours on foot or by rickshaw showcasing the story of the town, the Ringling Brothers, and their legacy.

Circus History

That legacy is most clearly seen at Circus World, a museum dedicated to the Ringling Brothers Circus which now holds exhibits, shows, artifacts, and tons of information about the famous circus. It's one of the town's biggest attractions and easily the most popular stop for families staying at one of the Baraboo timeshares in the area.

Terrific Outdoor Activities

Other major attractions are centered on the natural beauty of the Wisconsin woods and lakes nearby. Parfrey’s Glen and Mirror Lake State Park are great places for bike rides, hikes, picnics, and at Mirror Lake, swimming and playing at the beach. Devil's Lake State Park is one of the most visually striking State Parks in Wisconsin, known for its 500-foot bluffs bordering the lake. Man Mound Park, just east of Baraboo, features the last remaining Late Woodland-era anthropomorphic effigy, a mound shaped like a horned man that might have held some type of religious significance to its builders.

While staying in Baraboo timeshares, don't forget to enjoy some of the town's nightlife. The downtown bars and restaurants are a great place to socialize and relax after a long day outside.