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Big Sky Timeshare

Big Sky is a great place to visit if you want to get away from the world and enjoy some peace and quiet. This area of southwestern Montana sits close to the borders with Idaho and Wyoming and is a resort community that gives you easy access to national parks and other attractions. Whether you love sitting by a roaring fire or prefer hiking deep into the woods, you can do everything you love when you buy a Big Sky timeshare.

Visiting Yellowstone National Park is one of the best things to do while you are visiting your Big Sky timeshare. This national park offers hiking trails and gorgeous natural attractions, but it also has spots where.... Read More

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you can camp for a night or two. Gallatin National Forest is home to nearly as many hiking trails. You can go deep into the woods without seeing a single person. Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park offers loads of caves and cave systems that you can wander through on your trip. Other places where you can enjoy and explore nature include Gallatin River Canyon and Lone Peak.

Museums and More

After you buy a Big Sky timeshare, you can visit museums and other attractions such as the Museum of the Rockies, which offers a look at the history of the Rocky Mountains. The Historic Karst Camp is a ghost town that has cabins dating back to the turn of the 20th century and is open to the public. You might also catch a movie at the IMAX Theater and then hit some of the trails on the more than 1,900 acres at Moonlight Basin.

Weather in Big Sky

The weather in Big Sky can range from cold and windy on a winter day to hot and humid on a summer day. More than 30 inches of snow falls in both December and January, but many visitors like skiing and grabbing their boards to hit some of the trails in the winter. Snow can even keep falling into June. High temperatures in Big Sky can range from 31 degrees Fahrenheit in December and January to 78 degrees Fahrenheit in August and September.

For the ultimate vacation in Montana, you'll want to buy a Big Sky timeshare.