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Cabarete Timeshare

Unlike the more laid-back places you'll find on the Dominican Republic's eastern coast, the northern town of Cabarete is packed with surf, sand, and aquatic adventures. With a Cabarete timeshare, you'll soon discover how this once quiet fishing village is now a must-visit destination for tourists.

Kitesurfing and windsurfing are the two biggest activities to take part in from your Cabarete timeshare. Even if you don't know how to surf, you'll soon find classes and instructors to help you ride the breeze and the waves for a watersport experience unlike any other. Kite Beach is the most popular.... Read More

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destination, although the offshore reef can be too challenging for beginners, and Bozo and Encuentro Beaches are also a lot of fun. If you are enjoying your time on the water you may also want to consider a full or half-day fishing cruise for fresh Mahi or just to see more of the beautiful Caribbean waters.

Spectacular Natural Attractions

Onshore, you'll want to take the time to visit one of the Dominican Republic's most beautiful natural sites: the El Choco National Park and the Caves of Cabarete. Inside the caves, expert guides can show you ancient Taino artifacts created by the first inhabitants of the island. Cabarete is also one of the best places for Canyoning in the DR, an extreme action sport that combines hiking and swimming through the watery canyons of the nearby mountains. Other popular excursions include hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking.

If you are looking for some of the Cabarete nightlife, then you'll want to take time after a long day on the water to stroll along Calle Principal and the small bars and shanties along the beach. Drinks, music, dancing, and special events are lined up all week long so you can try something new each night at your Cabarete timeshare. You'll also notice an entire world of cuisine when you visit the local restaurants which feature everything from classic Mediterranean dishes to local Dominican seafood.

Sun, Sand and Surf

A Cabarete timeshare can also be a fun idea for the entire family. The kitesurfing and windsurfing classes can be geared toward different age groups and skill levels. Horseback rides along the beach, hours relaxing in the sand, and hikes along the mountain trails are also options for someone planning a family vacation. If your family loves to get outside and try new sports together, then this timeshare opportunity would be the ideal getaway.

June through November are the slowest months for tourism in Cabarete when the waves are weaker and less exciting for hardcore surfers. This means both vacation deals and an easier learning experience for beginners. The winter months are the busiest travel season, as the waves become more intense and exciting for hardcore surfers.