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Cape Canaveral Timeshare

Cape Canaveral is best known for the Kennedy Space Center, but this vacation destination offers far more than just rocket launches.  Wildlife parks and nature sanctuaries, white sand beaches, and family-friendly amusement parks make this a prime getaway spot for a Cape Canaveral timeshare.

The fine weather and mild climate means great vacationing at any time of year.  Bring your ear plugs when you witness a space launch, bring your surfboard to test the waves of the Atlantic, and bring your camera for great shots of birds, reptiles, and other animals at the local nature preserves. .... Read More

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Enjoy the finest lodgings when you choose to buy a Cape Canaveral timeshare.

Best Local Attractions

Obviously, the top attraction is the Kennedy Space Center, where young and old will thrill to the exhibits and even get to visit a few of the launches.  The museum contains moon rocks, space suits from missions of long ago, and several historic spacecraft and artificial satellites.  The Atlantis Space Shuttle is on display here.

Exploration Tower, located right on the Cape, is a multi-story wonder of architecture.  Inside are exhibits that explain the human and non-human culture of the region.  You'll learn all about the flora and fauna, and you'll gaze over the Atlantic Ocean from one of the spectacular observation decks.  This attraction is a real hit with the kids.

Jetty Park is spread out over 35 acres along the shoreline.  Walking trails take you past nesting shorebirds to a white sand beach fitted daily with deck chairs and sun umbrellas.  The perfect place to relax and have a picnic lunch, the park is open all year.

Manatee Sanctuary Park is another great visitor attraction.  Wild manatees come here to breed, and you can see them up close.  On the beachfront of the park is a picnic ground complete with BBQ pits and dining tables.


A number of fine resorts dot the shoreline near Cape Canaveral.  Check the Cape Canaveral timeshares for sale for great deals here at Timeshare Broker Associates.  These resort offer great family vacations, and you’ll get access to all the amenities including spa, fitness, dining, outdoor sports courts and more.

Studio, one-bedroom, and larger suites are available for specified dates by the current timeshare owner. The larger resort units have multiple TVs, two or three bath areas, and a completely furnished dining area in many of the units.

Summer or winter, there's something for everyone here with a Cape Canaveral timeshare, from rocket launches to deep sea fishing, and from nature parks to fantastic golf.  Call this wonderful destination home for a week this year and perhaps for years to come.