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Cashiers Timeshares

The Blue Ridge Mountains are easily one of the most well-known, beautiful highlights of the eastern United States. Cashiers is a small vacation destination that sits in the North Carolina region of that range. It is close to Highway 84, which makes the town easy to reach no matter where you live. With Cashiers timeshares for sale, you can take a vacation that puts you in the middle of a national forest and surrounds you with gorgeous landscapes. The best time to visit depends on whether you want to experience holiday decorations and snow or warm days and loads of sunshine. Most.... Read More

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visitors come during the peak season between May and October, but you'll find things to do outside of that season, too.

Silver Run Falls and More

Just a few miles south of Cashiers is a 25-foot waterfall that is a popular place to swim. You can explore the waterfall or relax in the large pool below the fall. Not far away is Rainbow Fall, which is 150-feet from the top to the bottom. You'll probably want to sit on one of the nearby boulders to enjoy the water. After splashing in the water, head to the Cashiers Farmers Market. Not only can you check out the fields where farmers grow their produce, but you can buy some of the freshest produce around. The Village Green is also a popular attraction that lets visitors explore acres of land filled with plants and flowers. If you have access to a car, you may want to check out the Rhodes Big View Overlook too.

Canyon Spa and Other Indoor Attractions

The best place in Cashiers to go when you want to relax is the Canyon Spa, which offers all your favorite spa treatments. At the Zachary-Tolbert House, you can see what life was like during the Civil War in this former residential home that is now open to the public. Some of the other unique attractions you can visit after choosing from the available Cashiers timeshares include Whiteside Brewing Co. and the smallest post office in the state.