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Cozumel Timeshare

Cozumel is an amazing island just off the coast of Cancun on Mexico's Caribbean coastline. The island is a winter and spring break haven for North Americans looking to escape the cold winters and party on the beach, but it also has some of the most beautiful and pristine places to dive, swim, and snorkel in the world. Spending time at a Cozumel timeshare will bring plenty of fun and exciting activities for every vacation.

Many of the best Cozumel activities are equally suited for young families, children, and adults. The miles of reefs contain a diverse array of marine species, making this the perfect place to learn snorkeling and scuba.... Read More

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diving just so you can see the native fish, coral, and sharks in their natural habitat. Ecotourism opportunities with a Cozumel timeshare abound: you can spend time swimming with dolphins, zip-lining through the Mesoamerican jungle, paddling down ancient rivers in a canoe or kayak, and dive into activities and festivals celebrating the Mayan culture that has existed in this region for centuries. Extensive conservation efforts have kept the reefs and forests of the area pristine and beautiful for diving, tours, and hours under the sun along the miles of sandy beaches.

Mayan Heritage

Other daytime activities include tours of ancient Mayan sites. There are over thirty of them available to tourists in the Cozumel area, including Temple of Ix-Chel and Castillo Real, which has the largest Mayan structure in Cozumel. If you enjoy the history there, you can also stop by the Island Museum, which holds both permanent and temporary collections detailing the history of the island.

For shoppers, the duty-free designation on the island is a definite draw for luxury products, silver artistry, and jewelry, as well as more traditional tourist souvenirs. At night, you'll find many of the beach tiki bars and a range of atmospheres from the casual to the celebratory. For a night to remember, you can catch a bar hopping tour along the island or spend a night at one of the many bar/restaurant combos for a long evening of drinks, seafood, and cool ocean breezes.

Best Time to Visit

January, February, and March are the three busiest months in Cozumel. However, if you can buy a Cozumel timeshare a month earlier, in December, that month tends to have fewer tourists and equally nice weather. The spring and fall months have a moderate number of tourists after the spring break peak in March, and also the weather during this time of year is frequently sunny and rain-free, meaning you are free to make as many outdoor plans as you want with the least chance of precipitation. The slowest season in Cozumel is during the summer, June through August, when local temperatures and humidity reach their peak and the milder weather in the north doesn't leave people longing for a tropical vacation.

Cozumel may be everything you want in a tropical island retreat, and yet there is also a depth of history, culture, and natural beauty to the island that it defies and defines all of those stereotypes. With a Cozumel timeshare, you'll be able to vacation in style and comfort while taking in a wealth of ocean breezes, palm trees, and relaxation.