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Garden City Timeshares

Garden City, Utah is best known for Bear Lake State Park. Here you’ll see the famously turquoise-blue lake that has provided generations of family vacationers with summer memories and fishing the big one year-round. Garden City timeshares are a fun and relaxing way to call this area home and feel free to spend the most time enjoying the outdoors, shopping, nightlife, and sports offered by this tourist-friendly region.

Bear Lake State Park is the biggest draw for vacationers in Garden City. The lake's brilliant turquoise color has earned it the nickname.... Read More

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"the Caribbean of the Rockies" and during warm weather, it provides a place to kayak, boat, fish, swim, and play on and around the water. Onshore, hundreds of miles of trails are designed for hiking, mountain bikes, ATV's, and you cannot miss out on the beautiful Logan Canyon National Scenic Byway, especially during the fall. As you travel the Scenic Byway you'll be crossing the same path taken by pioneers on the 19th century Oregon Trail. Along the way, you'll find the Trail Center, which brings their stories to life.

What to Do

In August, the Raspberry Days celebration is one of the biggest events of the year. The town is known for its raspberry shakes, and no trip here would be complete without trying one or two. By the winter, skiing, snowmobiling, and ice fishing become the main daytime activities.

The trails, the water sports, and the freshly picked raspberries or raspberry shakes are fun for all ages, making Garden City timeshares an ideal family getaway. There are also plenty of things to keep the adults in your party entertained. The area is home to several top quality golf courses, such as Bear Lake Golf Course. At night, you can head into towns for drinks, music, and entertainment, especially during tourist season. Nightly hikes beneath the moon and stars are another popular outing after dark.

Best Time to Visit

If you vacation in Garden City timeshares from June through August, expect to be there during the busiest time of the year. Families especially enjoy visiting at this time of year to spend summer vacations on Bear Lake. Late winter and spring are the second-busiest season, particularly February and March when ski conditions peak and spring breakers come down to the slopes. The slowest months are in the fall and early winter, from September through December, so this is the time to visit if you want to enjoy the changing colors, cooler weather, and more moderate crowds.