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Kauai Timeshare

Kauai is one of the most popular of the Hawaiian islands with spectacular scenery for anyone in need of a relaxing tropical vacation spot. With a Kauai timeshare, you will be able to experience the delights of an island covered in tropical forests, waterfalls, sparkling beaches, endless surf, and multiple attractions on both land and sea.

Obviously, no one can picture a Hawaiian vacation without dreaming of hours spent on the beach running the sand between your toes, learning to surf or sail, and lounging without a care in the world beneath a broad beach umbrella. The island's distinctive regions give you different types of beaches, from.... Read More

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sandy, family-friendly swimming beaches to rough and rocky attractions that will dazzle you with their natural beauty. The south shore's Poipu Beach has a lava jetty with a broad shallow pool that is perfect for young swimmers and families, while the steep waterfalls and cliffs of Hanalei Bay surround a half-moon bay beloved by canoeists, kayakers, and surfers.

Incredible Scenery and Water Sports

Perhaps the best way to see Kauai is from the air. A helicopter tour will take you over sheer cliff faces, shimmering waterfalls, and deep canyons such as Waimea Canyon. You can also find zip lining tours not far from your Kauai timeshare if you want an even stronger adrenaline rush. Volcanic cliffs, rugged terrain, and lush green foliage will surround you on many hiking tours if you want a closer look at why they call this island, "The Garden Island."

On the water, you'll find many more ways to fill your days in Kauai. October through April is the peak season for whale watching as the magnificent giants migrate for the winter. You can watch the sunset from a chartered sail or cruise at any time of year, which puts the cap on a long day of swimming, snorkeling, surfing, scuba diving, and fishing.

After a full day of adventure on or off the water, you'll find that the island's charm does not set with the sun. The evening is the perfect time to take part in a traditional Hawaiian luau, with savory pig and other dishes. The bars and restaurants along the beaches light up with drinks, music, dancing, and a vibrant atmosphere to share with friends and family.

Best Time to Visit

Kauai is the oldest and northernmost of the Hawaiian islands. The last two weeks of December and the earliest weeks of January are always a popular time of year for visitors to travel to their Kauai timeshare, but while it may be great to get away from snow and ice on the mainland, this is also the rainiest and busiest time of year on the island. The entire year is warm and tropical on Kauai, but at high elevations or at night temperatures may drop into the 60s.

The slowest seasons for tourism on Kauai tend to be the spring and fall months of April-May and September-October. It can be tough for families to vacation at this time of year, contributing to the slowdown, but coincidentally this is also the time when you are likely to experience the most sunshine and fewest crowds at the popular attractions and restaurants. The summer is moderately popular, because families are able to travel together, and it also is the dry season which means more sunshine on your visit.