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Key West Timeshare

If you love laid-back vacations, then a Key West timeshare should be an essential part of the experience. This Florida destination is iconic for many reasons including its historical importance and stunning natural beauty. It's also an extraordinarily eclectic place where rules don't seem to apply. If you're looking for a spot where you can relax and be yourself, then Key West is the place for you.

For such a tiny spot, Key West packs a massive punch. It's the last stop of the Florida Keys, and it is officially categorized as an island city. It sits just 90 miles to the north of Cuba and is accessible by boat, airplane and car thanks to.... Read More

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the Overseas Highway. With an area of just over seven square miles and a population of slightly more than 25,000, a Key West timeshare represents the opportunity for a unique escape.

Amazing Water Sports

Key West has beautiful beaches but it is perhaps more recognized for the excellent quality of its coral reefs. In fact, the diving and snorkeling here are considered excellent. If you indulge in either one of these sports, then Key West has to be on your bucket list. Several charter companies are found on the island, and they can arrange the adventure of a lifetime for you.

Fishing and other water sports are enormously popular in Key West too. Visitors might schedule a dinner cruise, sail out for dolphin watching, rent a jet ski or a kayak or attempt a high-flying parasailing adventure. In this Florida city, any water sport could figure on your itinerary.

Surprising Art and Culture Scene

Key West is also a destination for lovers of art and culture. Several luminous literary figures have lived here, including Ernest Hemingway, whose home is now open for curious visitors. Likewise, the Tennessee Williams Museum is a must-do for travelers with a literary bent. Other essential art and culture attractions include the Audubon House & Tropical Gardens, the Crane Point Museum and Nature Center and the Key West Art & History Museum.

A wealth of other attractions awaits visitors to the island. Golf courses, unique shops, art galleries and gourmet dining are just a few of the selections. This is a wonderful place to enjoy a bit of romance or to take the whole family for an action-packed frolic.

Your home base for it all is a Key West timeshare. These luxurious yet affordable accommodations provide you with everything you need to enjoy your getaway. Resort amenities typically include swimming pools, hot tubs, fitness centers, kids' clubs and much more. On-site dining and spas also are common.

For accommodations, these timeshares feature villas and condos with full kitchens and private bedrooms, and some of these properties are found on the beach. Well-appointed bathrooms and spacious patios ensure comfort and relaxation for every visitor that chooses a Key West timeshare.

Best Time to Visit

The period from March to May typically is considered the best time to venture to Key West. This is because the bustling winter crowds will have begun to dissipate, yet the weather remains balmy and mild. Prices also take a plunge during these months as compared to the winter when rates are at their highest. Summer tends to be humid, rainy and hot with sparse crowds and inexpensive accommodations. The June to November hurricane season also may affect occupancy and prices.