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Killington Timeshare

Vermont is so tucked away in the northern part of New England that some people misjudge it when planning their vacations. Despite its location, Vermont offers wonderful places to see and stay such as a Killington timeshare vacation. Called one of the best places in the east for skiing and snowboarding, the ice and snow begin melting in the spring and gives way to even more things to do. Depending on when you visit, you might head up into the mountains for a snowmobile ride and then hit some of the nightclubs for dancing. No matter what you love doing or when you want to visit, you .... Read More

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can find fun in a great Killington timeshare.

Winter and Summer Weather

When you head to your Killington timeshare in the winter, you can expect to see some great powder waiting for you. The average temperature in the area can range from 40 degrees Fahrenheit in the middle of a winter day to below freezing at night. Around 250 inches of snow falls during this season, which guarantees that you can hit your favorite trails. Summer temperatures are obviously higher but usually stick to between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit – perfect for your favorite outdoor activity.

Killington in the Summer

Visiting Killington in the summer is a great way to avoid some of the crowds of snow bunnies. Not only is the weather mild, but it's sunny enough that you can spend a whole day at the 18-hole golf course without worrying about rain or snow. Both hiking and mountain biking trails are open in the spring and summer too. The more than 40 trails remain open through the fall and into the first weeks of winter. With plans to add even more features such as a roller coaster and a zip line, the Killington Ski Resort will keep growing after you buy a timeshare.

Trails and More

When you buy a Killington timeshare, you can rest assured that every skier and snowboarder in your family can find a trail that they love. With an elevation of more than 4,200 feet, Killington Peak is the largest peak in the ski area. You'll also find other peaks and mountains that you can visit, including Bear Mountain and Sunrise Mountain. Killington offers a total of 212 trails and will likely add even more in the coming years. The ski resort ranks more than 70% of those trails as difficult or very difficult and reserves the remaining 28% for beginners. You can also pick from more than 20 lifts, including two gondolas and one lift that can hold six people.

For skiing and other fun activities in the sun or the snow, look for a Killington timeshare in this fabulous part of Vermont.