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Kuala Lumpur Timeshare

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is a dazzling city for any tourist to visit. Its skyline is famously punctuated by both Islamic minarets and mosques, and soaring modern skyscrapers. From your Kuala Lumpur timeshare accommodation, you'll find colorful marketplaces, fresh street food, and green park spaces filled with deer, flowers, and trees.

Summer is the busiest season for a Kuala Lumpur timeshare holiday, so if you are traveling to the city from June through August you can expect to see many other tourists taking advantage of the comfortable weather and moderate.... Read More

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rainfall at this time of year. September through February is much slower by comparison, mostly due to the onset of the rainy season, so it can be helpful to keep that in mind when making outdoor plans. Spring is the second busiest time to travel, and a good time to find deals on excursions and trips into and outside of Kuala Lumpur.

Cosmopolitan Architecture and Nightlife

The city offers a myriad of attractions for first-time and longtime visitors alike. The Petronas Twin Towers which famously punctuate the skyline are the most visited and the tallest twin towers in the world, at 88 stories high. While most of the floors are privately rented to businesses, visitors can still appreciate the sky bridge linking the two towers, the shopping centers, and the Philharmonic Auditorium.

KLCC Park, at the base of the Petronas Twin Towers, is a popular night destination when the lights and music dance on Lake Symphony against the darker cityscape. Clubs, cocktails, and rooftop bars dominate the nightlife in Kuala Lumpur, and each neighborhood has its own vibe. With a Kuala Lumpur timeshare, you can easily spend both days and nights enjoying everything the city has to offer.

Fascinating Religious Sites

Another of Kuala Lumpur's famous attractions, the Batu Caves, sit just outside the city limits. It is home to a Hindu temple dedicated to the god of war, and features the largest statue of him in the world just outside the cave entrance. Other well-known religious sites near the city include the Blue Mosque, Malaysia's largest Mosque, and the Chan See Shu Yuen Temple in Chinatown on Petaling Street.

Family Fun

For families, the Sunway Lagoon amusement park is just a short drive outside of the city center, not far from the Blue Mosque. The i-City Shah Alam Amusement Park is equally fun, lit by thousands of LED lights, and has a 3-D museum, rides, and fun games for the entire family. Likewise, the city's parks, zoos, and green spaces are great choices for a relaxing family picnic in the middle of the city.

For those with an eye toward history, Merdeka Square's colonial architecture and Moorish buildings are a must-see. Likewise, the National Museum is a treasure house of cultural and historic artifacts.