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Lake Arrowhead Timeshare

Lake Arrowhead is a quiet gem within the San Bernardino National Forest, a retreat deep within the region known as the "Alps of Southern California." Here, you'll find outdoor adventures in all four seasons, luxury resorts, as well as restaurants, bars, and shopping both near the lake and in San Bernardino, just a quick drive away.

A Lake Arrowhead timeshare is a big hit for families who want their kids to feel a connection to nature. A network of trails lines the National Forest and surrounding areas, including the Pacific Crest Trail, which is one of the most popular among visitors and locals alike. The Wildhaven Ranch gives visitors.... Read More

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the chance to see endangered and threatened local wildlife and learn more about the challenges that they face in the wild. Also, during the summer, you can take a paddleboat ride around the lake and tour some of the stunning mansions owned by the rich and famous, as has been traditional here for nearly 100 years.

Fabulous Winter Activities

Even though summer may be the most popular time for timeshare owners to spend time here, there are attractions for every season. In the winter, not only can you spend time skiing, snowboarding, and enjoying other winter sports around the Lake Arrowhead region, you can also see migrating Bald Eagles wintering over in the forests near the lake. The cold weather is also a time to visit a few of the indoor attractions of Lake Arrowhead, such as one of the resort spas.

You'll find both shopping and dining in the replicated Alpine village known as Lake Arrowhead Village and this is also the best place to go if you want a close place to hang out in the nighttime hours. Both of the area's two largest events will also add to your day and night time experiences: the Summer Concert series features outdoor live music and the Lake Arrowhead Oktoberfest runs every weekend from September through October. If you come to your Lake Arrowhead timeshare during the summer months or on the weekends of Oktoberfest, you'll be sure to encounter a vibrant and exciting scene full of people.

Best Time to Visit

The quieter months in Lake Arrowhead tend to be in November and February, at the beginning and end of the winter sports season. The busiest months are usually in the summer, especially July and August, when visitors familiar with the beauty of the lake come to spend their summers swimming, boating, and hiking. Crowds familiar with Octoberfest will keep coming in through that month as well. The shoulder season is in the spring when people are drawn to the mild weather and moderate crowds from March through May.