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London Timeshare

Perhaps the most intriguing thing about a London timeshare is the sheer variety of experiences that it can bring to your vacations. The city has almost every type of vacation experience you can imagine, from dizzying shopping trips to historical tours that plumb the depth of this city's rich past to modern cultural icons such as Harry Potter and the Beatles.

With a London timeshare, you can visit the heart of British power with a tour of Buckingham Palace, Downing Street, and Westminster. The famous double-decker buses will take you all over the city, including its famous museums, art galleries, Big Ben, and the Tower of London. When you.... Read More

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get hungry or thirsty, a quaint tea shop or home-like pub is often just around the corner, and you can round out the afternoon by watching the sun set against the Tower Bridge.

Even after the sun goes down, the city never sleeps. London is one place where you can settle a craving for sushi at 3 am or spend a night at the upscale Kensington Roof Gardens. Music, dancing, live entertainment, and fun keep the city's heartbeat up even late at night if you don't plan on going to sleep too early at your London timeshare.

Great Family-Friendly Activities

Despite its big-city atmosphere and endless live entertainment vibes, a London timeshare is a great option for families who would like to vacation in the city. Not only do timeshares offer families a way to have a cost-effective vacation in a city that can be tough on the pocketbook, but London itself is also full of child-friendly attractions and exhibits that will leave your youngsters yearning for another trip. Children and parents who have read Harry Potter books together will find souvenirs of the Magical Wizarding World throughout London and can visit some of the places mentioned in the books, like King's Cross Station.

Families will also enjoy some of the kid-friendly attractions with a London timeshare. The London Zoo, the city's museums, parks, and theaters all offer exhibits and entertainment geared towards young children and teenagers. Piccadilly Circus is also very popular with both families and adults. Its shopping plazas, theaters, bars, shops, and restaurants are right in the heart of London, and offer everything from unforgettable shopping to hit movies for everyone.

Best Times to Visit

A combination of school holidays and warm summer temperatures make the months of July through August some of the busiest you'll find in London. This is the summer concert season, as well as the perfect time to spend an afternoon on a green rooftop cafe or wandering through the city's abundant public gardens. The fall and spring also have peak crowds during Easter and October holidays, those months from late March through June and again from mid-September through October are usually considered the shoulder season. The winters in London turn chilly but December's bright lights and celebrations are worth visiting before the quieter months of January and February, which tend to be the slowest for London tourism.

Yet even as the flavor of your London timeshare vacation may vary from the busy season to the slow season, every month will offer something exciting and different for you on your London holiday.