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Madeira Timeshare Resale

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, Madeira is a small archipelago that is an autonomous part of Portugal. Because of its mild climate year-round, it is a popular vacation destination. It has spectacular mountains, beautiful beaches and a vibrant city with several unique places to visit and things to do. Owning a Madeira timeshare resale is your best option for affordable luxury accommodation.

Funchal is the capital of the region with a backdrop of towering, cloud-covered mountains. The city has an amazing history with many historic monuments starting with the.... Read More

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cathedral that was built when the islands were first colonized. This is where you will find excellent restaurants and lively nightlife.

Impressive Flora and Outdoor Activities

Madeira is called the Garden Island because of its abundant vegetation and this is seen in the Madeira Botanical Garden and the Monte Palace Tropical Garden. The botanical garden is in the hills above Funchal and after you have visited, you need to get back down the mountain. No problem, the Monte Toboggan Run is at your service. You travel four kilometers down the mountain on an amazing ride. A Madeira timeshare provides access to all of these amazing places with all the comforts of a private holiday home along with the amenities of a first-class resort.

For the outdoor enthusiast, hiking at Ponta de Sao Lourenco, a nature preserve on the eastern tip of Madeira is ideal. The Sap Vincente Caves are a fascinating natural phenomenon worth exploring. They were formed by a volcanic eruption more than 890,000 years ago and contain miles of lava tubes.

More Natural Wonders

Another natural wonder that provides great fun for the whole family is the Porto Moniz Natural Pools. Porto Moniz is famous for its delicious baked goods and the several natural pools created by cooling volcanic lava. They are regularly filled naturally by the sea and remain fresh and clean. You will find showers and lockers nearby. In Cabo Girao you will find one of the highest ocean cliffs in the world. It has a glass skywalk for the intrepid who want to see down the cliff to the water below.

The Levada Walks are one of the most popular activities on Madeira. They are comprised of miles of pathways along the aqueducts created to carry water from the mountains to the city. Two things children enjoy are the Madeira Cable Car for a 15-minute flight over the city and the Madeira Story Centre where you get an interactive and entertaining history of the island. A Madeira timeshare offers a warm, relaxing vacation destination throughout the year.