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Mallorca Timeshare

The largest of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca is located in the Mediterranean just off the coast of Spain. A Mallorca timeshare offers tourists an exciting mix of Spanish and Mediterranean history and culture, and the gorgeous natural beauty of the island is worth the visit. Beautiful pine forests, steep cliffs rising from turquoise waters, and countless architectural landmark structures make this destination a truly unforgettable one.

Travel from the mainland is accomplished by ship or by air, and affordable holidays await those who choose to buy a Mallorca timeshare..... Read More

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Owners often choose to sell their holiday ownership on the resale market and this is the best way to secure memorable trips to this awe-inspiring island.

Top Attractions

The capital city of Palma is worth two or three days of vacation time. This seaside city is the home of some of the most spectacular monuments in the Mediterranean. The historic Catedral de Mallorca overlooks the Old Harbor and is one of the most impressive sandstone buildings on the planet. The 13th-century Castillo de Bellver sits on a nearby hilltop, and its interesting circular design is critically acclaimed.

Cala Major, Playa de Palma, and Playa Arenal are the top beaches on the island. White sands meets surf in an exciting collision, and the beaches are ringed by tall pines and swaying palms. The Palma harbor area is a scene of bustling activity and boat tour operations as well as seafood markets are located here.

The Old Town of Acludia is one of the most scenic communities in the entire Mediterranean. Surrounded by pine forests, the town is famous for its preserved medieval castles and monuments. It's also home to Mallorca's most well-known annual festivals.

Tour operators take visitors on birdwatching excursions, boating and fishing trips, and scuba diving. Visitors will easily fill an entire week's itinerary with so much to see and do on this beautiful gem of an island.

Where to Stay

Until recently, timeshare programs were scarce for this destination. Nowadays, however, many of the properties have begun holiday ownership programs, and visitors can buy a timeshare as part of an overall membership package. The Mallorca timeshare resale market is worth looking into because they can be purchased a significant discounts compared to the high prices charged at the resorts. Access to property amenities such as swimming pools, restaurants, and fitness centers is guaranteed. Families with kids are certainly welcome, and many of the resorts have specially furnished, oversized suites with multiple baths and complete kitchen facilities.

Come visit Mallorca at any time of the year. The climate is moderate even during the winter months, so pick your dates and get ready to enjoy the finest Spanish and Mediterranean vacation imaginable.