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Maui Timeshare

Get ready to explore amazing history, unique culture, and spectacular beauty while staying in a Maui timeshare with your family and friends. Maui is a beautiful destination where you will find a variety of activities at any time of the year. The expansive beaches allow you to discover different spots to enjoy every day of your vacation and you can find authentic Hawaiian food all over the island. You will be amazed by the viewings of whales and other wildlife and enjoy the mystery of the lush forests. If you love water sports, you can try new adventures with friends and family.

Plan to hike through the Iao Valley State Park where you will.... Read More

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find tranquil areas to rest and relax. You will also find the ancient temples interesting where relics can be viewed, and you can stroll through the Kahanu Garden. Make sure to visit the Bailey House Museum and discover fascinating exhibits and artifacts including ancient tools and weapons that will impress families of all ages.

Incredible Natural Attractions

Experiencing the natural beauty of Maui while snorkeling through the fish and coral filled reefs, hiking the volcanic mountains and bamboo forests, kayaking near the humpback whales, or ziplining through the treetops creates an adventurous escape you will never forget. If you're seeking a quiet vacation with loved ones, plan to visit during the shoulder season from April to May or September through November. The weather will be beautiful, and airfare is lower. Families who love the action of the peak season will want to visit Maui during the summer or winter holidays. Just remember to book your Maui timeshare in advance to get the best deal in the best location.

Although you can walk to many attractions near the resorts, if you want to explore the entire island you will probably need a car. Just a few minutes’ drive from the airport, you can visit Wailuku which is known for its off the beaten path Mom and Pop stores, restaurants and bakeries. Kids will enjoy the music, magicians, and local arts on the first Friday of the month when Market Street is closed, and people gather for some fun.

Head Inland for Some Surprises

If you’re traveling with your significant other, be sure to check out East Maui where cascading waterfalls create a magical paradise. The adventurous drive through multiple turns and bridges will bring you to the small town of Hana where you can experience the authentic Hawaiian way of life. If you’ve brought the kids along, they will love visiting Up Country Maui where you will see taro and sweet potato farms, goat dairies, and local wineries. The Hawaiian cowboys were known to wrangle cattle in the area and this is the perfect spot to view an epic sunrise.

The friendly Hawaiian culture will have you planning your next vacation before leaving the island – so choose a Maui timeshare and get ready to discover all Maui has to offer.