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Nusa Dua Timeshare

Indonesia's sparkling waters, luxury hotels, and tropical landscape combine into the perfect retreat from the everyday in Nusa Dua. The city is noted for its pristine beaches, artwork, and Bali celebrations. Its name translates into "Two Islands" after the pair of islands just offshore of the peninsula – perfect for a Nusa Dua timeshare holiday.

With a Nusa Dua timeshare resale, you'll be able to experience the unique nightlife of this city. A choreographed dance show at the Bali Nusa Dua Theatre will take your breath away while you cheer on the heroes in.... Read More

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the stories it tells. If you come during Nusa Dua Fiesta in October, you'll find celebrations, music, dancing, and festivities going on day and night. More conventionally, the city's bars and nightclubs offer you a chance to dance and socialize the nights away, especially the beachfront bars where you can also enjoy breathtaking ocean views beneath the stars.

Popular Time to Visit

The fall months from March through June are the most popular time to visit Nusa Dua and you'll find lots going on during these months, plus warm outdoor weather. September through February is the slowest period of the year so you are most likely to find the best deals on a Nusa Dua timeshare during these months, in addition to enjoying a break from the cold if you come from the Northern Hemisphere. The low season is in the winter, July and August, which also happens to be the dry season when you'll see the least precipitation to hamper your time outdoors.

Visitors consistently rank the beaches as one of their favorite parts of a Nusa Dua vacation. Several resorts have their private beaches, many near Pantai Mengiat Beach, which has jogging trails, swimming, snorkeling and also local fishermen who hire their boats out for chartered sailing and fishing cruises. The best surfing months are from October to April and while the space between the two islets can be challenging for beginners, for an experienced surfer it is not to be missed.

Amazing History and Culture

Onshore, you won't need to be a history buff to appreciate the temples and museums spread across the city. Temple hopping will take you from Pura Geger Temple on the cliffs overlooking the Indian Ocean (closed to the public but excellent for photographs) to Garuda Wisnu Kencana west of the city, home to a giant statue of Vishnu riding on the back of a mythical eagle. The latter temple often has cultural events going on so you'll want to check your calendar to see what's coming up before you visit.

Families visiting their Nusa Dua timeshare will enjoy the safe, laid-back atmosphere. The beaches and walking paths are engaging for all ages, while places like the Waterblow are fun to watch as the huge waves rise higher than the trees.