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Ormond Beach Timeshare

Ormond Beach, Florida may not be as well-known as its more famous southern neighbor, Daytona Beach, but offers instead a charming retreat away from the crowds. Ormond Beach has a rich history and natural beauty and is near enough to many other central Florida attractions that a day trip from your Ormond Beach timeshare is not out of reach.

An Ormond Beach timeshare is a great way to experience the city's coastal parks and beaches. Its namesake beach is a quieter alternative to other regional beaches, as it lacks the high-rise resorts and condos that can obscure views of the Atlantic Ocean from the scenic route A1A. Andy Romano Beach.... Read More

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is a huge hit for families, with a separate splashing zone and playground for small children and excellent waves for surfing or swimming for older beach-goers. Many local businesses thrive on tourism and can offer boating, fishing, and paddle boarding to visitors.

Surprisingly Impressive History

Tomoka State Park is perhaps the city's most famous attraction. This park holds what remains of a village populated by the native Timucuan tribe who lived in the area when the Spanish arrived. Nowadays, it provides visitors with a beautiful glimpse of the native ecosystem of the coast as well as many species of plants and wildlife. The Tomoka River, which runs through the park, is a great place for exploring this region from a kayak or canoe.

During the late 19th century, Ormond Beach was a favorite vacation spot for wealthy East Coast millionaires such as the Rockefeller family. You can even see pre-Civil war plantation homes, and monuments to Florida's Seminole Wars around the town if you are interested in some of the town's early history. In more modern history, Henry Ford and others invented beach racing on Ormond Beach by testing out early cars on its well-packed sandy beaches and much of the racing spirit remains during events such as the annual festivals re-enacting the glory of early car racing.

Small Town Atmosphere

Outside of the beaches and waterways, an Ormond Beach timeshare also brings you to a charming town atmosphere that remains fairly down to earth compared to more well-known tourist centers. Its many restaurants and bars provide music, fun, and entertainment during the evening hours and families can easily find eateries that accommodate a wide range of ages during the day. If you want to go shopping, you'll find that the city has many small shops to browse through and many malls and outlet stores are less than an hour's drive away.

Tourism in Ormond Beach reaches its peak during the winter months starting in late December when many families are out of school and taking vacations on the beaches of Florida. It remains high through March, then drops slightly before rising again during the summer months. If you are looking to avoid crowds, the slowest months there will be during the fall, particularly October and November, before the crowds return in mid-winter.

An Ormond Beach timeshare is an ideal getaway for anyone whose idea of a Florida beach vacation is for a low-key, relaxing experience. Its proximity to major tourism centers allows you the full Florida experience while keeping you clear of the crowded, high-energy atmosphere.