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Park City Timeshare

Park City is famous for its world-class ski resorts and Sundance Film Festival, but its outdoor and indoor attractions are worth visiting at any time of year. With over 150 restaurants, wineries, and bars, you can pamper your taste buds with a Park City timeshare, even as your sense of adventure is satisfied by days on the mountainside.

Like many mountain cities in the west, your Park City timeshare can lure you in with many different activities depending on the season. Park City is unique, only twenty-five miles from the Salt Lake City airport, so you can easily fly in and out for a week-long trip. In the winter, skiing, snowboarding,.... Read More

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and snow tubing dominate the outdoor landscape on some of the most sought-after slopes in the world, while other winter sports such as dog sledding will lead to fun and happy memories for the entire family.

Best Time to Visit

The winter ski season typically runs from Mid-November through Mid-April, although those months can vary depending on the amount of snowfall from year to year. January is normally the busiest month of the entire year. The snowfalls are more consistent in the middle of winter and the famous Sundance Film Festival also draws thousands of visitors that month.

The dominance of winter sports on the landscape means that those are the peak season for traveling to a Park City timeshare, but the slower seasons of spring through fall can be just as enjoyable and far less painful on the wallet. The famed snow resorts transform in these months into hiking, mountain biking, and fishing paradises surrounded by lush mountain greenery or brilliant fall colors. The arts scene also picks up in the summertime, encouraged by warmer weather for strolling outdoors and appreciating the outdoor dining and music that comes alive outside of winter. Summer is also when most Utah residents come to Park City, escaping the extra-hot weather that dominates the rest of the state.

Much More Than the Slopes

Regardless of the season, downtown Park City is a welcoming place to wind down an afternoon or evening. You can sample craft brews, wines, and local flavors at nearby breweries and bars, shop for unique souvenirs and crafts at the open air markets and take a trip down historic Main Street for a glimpse of how the city looked in its early years as a silver mining town. The silver these days may be more snow than metal, but you can also take a closer look at the history by taking a historic mining tour.

For families traveling to a Park City timeshare together with young children, keeping everyone entertainment is a must. Luckily, the city abounds with family-friendly activities throughout the year. In winter, ski and snowboard schools offer classes and slopes for all ages so you can learn together and build skills as a family. In summer months, local parks, art activities, music, and outdoor adventures will keep boredom far from a child's mind as you explore, hike, fish, and play together in this natural playground. Gorgoza Park is especially popular for families, with its lighted snow-tubing lanes, mini snowmobiles, and playground.

Ultimately, even if Park City is best-known as a prime winter sports haven, a timeshare here can be a favorite vacation spot at any time of year for those who love the great outdoors, movies, and the arts.