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Payson Timeshare

Unlike many of the dry deserts of Arizona, Payson has a Mediterranean-type climate set against the breathtaking beauty of the Tonto National Forest and the high-altitude lakes of the Mogollon Rim. This make the area a perfect location for a Payson timeshare vacation.

The Rim, as the region is known, is the edge of the Colorado Plateau and a breathtaking natural wonder filled with Ponderosa Pines, canyons, and sandstone cliff faces. Many early Mormon settlers joined Native Americans in calling this region home during the 19th century, and both author Zane Gray and.... Read More

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western movie star John Wayne had homes in the area. Although Zane Gray's hunting cabin was destroyed by fire in 1990, you can still see the replica on-site and learn more about his work at the Rim Country Museum, which features exhibits on the Apaches and Payson's pre-history. You can explore the Rim in detail from horseback rides or hikes, or go boating and fishing on any of the seven lakes.

More Wonderful Activities

Other natural wonders include the Tonto Natural Bridge, which is considered the longest natural travertine bridge in the world. The Tonto Natural Bridge Park and other state parks in the region are the perfect places for a family day trip including hikes, picnicking, horseback rides, and photography.

Payson's Main Street is the heart of the town and the closest you'll come to feel like you've walked back into the 19th century. If you want shopping, dining, and after-dinner drinks, this is the place to go.

If you are looking for extra things to do while staying at a Payson timeshare, the town's events calendar is a great starting place. The World’s Oldest Continuous Rodeo has been an annual event since 1884, delighting rodeo fans from all over the world. There is also an annual Old-Time Fiddling Contest.

When to Visit Payson

The busiest months for a Payson timeshare vacation are from December through March. Winter and early spring see the coolest weather out of the entire year and still provide a haven for vacationers. June through August is the slowest time of year so you may find deals although you'll want to come prepared for the high summer temperatures. If you want to come during the shoulder season, spring and fall are the second-busiest times of the year and you'll still avoid the worst of the summer heat.