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Provincetown Timeshare

The joy of time spent in Massachusetts is in the charm and ambiance of the Cape, friendly locals, and exquisite seafood delights. Add to this historic sites and soft sandy beaches and you have a Cape Cod getaway that is perfection. A Provincetown timeshare lets you enjoy this fascinating place at your favorite time of the year. Where else can go on heart-pounding whale watching excursions and sunbathe on the beach by day and be entertained by high-end thea.... Read More

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Memorable, Fun Attractions

Everyone enjoys bike rides from your Provincetown timeshare through this historic area and spending days lazing away on beaches. Historical attractions like the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum let you delve into the Pilgrim history of the area. See where the Mayflower Compact was written, and climb to the top of this 353-foot solid granite structure for panoramic views of Provincetown.

Kids especially enjoy Whydah Museum. This is where the Whydah, an authentic pirate ship, was shipwrecked off the coast of Wellfleet, Massachusetts in 1717. The shipwreck was found more than two centuries later by explorer Barry Clifford. At the museum, you'll see artifacts ranging from over 10,000 coins, to 60 cannons, the ships engraved bell, cuff links, belt buckles, homemade hand grenades and silk stockings. Kids use their imaginations while looking at these authentic pirate artifacts.

Attractions Adults Love

Adults love attractions like Schoolhouse Gallery, with its collection of photographs, prints and artwork done by local artisans that can be seen any time on a Provincetown timeshare vacation. They also enjoy the Provincetown Art Association and Museum, touring the Province Lands Visitor Center to see displays with interesting facts about sand dunes, and climbing to the top of the observation deck for inspirational views.

Provincetown is also gay and lesbian friendly, with nightlife and cabarets, along with cinema and theater offerings that keep everyone entertained. Spectacular fresh seafood is a delight and available in many first-rate restaurants. Bicycle trails let everyone experience all the region has to offer.

Best Visiting Times

Best times to visit are between April 1st through November 30th when attractions like the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum are open. Any time is good with a Provincetown timeshare, though. Shoulder season is early spring. The most popular months for visiting are in June through August, with bright sunshine and a lot of energetic crowds. Every visit to Provincetown is impressive and memorable.