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Puerto Plata Timeshare

Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic is famous for its sandy beaches and is a popular resort destination. It is located along the northern coast of the country and a Puerto Plata timeshare offers you all the comforts of a vacation home along with the extensive selection of amenities of a first-class resort.

The main beach is Playa Dorada with its golden sand and lounge chairs as well as vendors and entertainers. You can get tasty food treats and souvenirs without ever leaving the beach. Puerto Plata is famous for the clearest amber in the world and many vendors sell beautiful jewelry and.... Read More

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objects d’art. The water is warm for swimming and you can rent banana boats, kitesurfing equipment and much more for great water sports.

Walk the Steps of Columbus

Puerto Plata boasts its own Christ the Redeemer statue on Mount Isabel de Torres, a replica of the statue in Brazil. You can take a cable car, the only one in the Caribbean, to the top and get a spectacular view of the city, port and ocean. If you are looking for adventure, you can hike to the top. For more adventure outside of your Puerto Plata timeshare, try the trail Columbus took to explore the island. There are archeological ruins in what is now a national park.

Damajagua Waterfalls is second only to the great beaches in Puerto Plata. You will need helmets and lifejackets to swim jump and slide down the 27 waterfalls. La Tinajita, a 20-foot drop and the twisty Corkscrew falls are the most challenging. Another challenge is in the El Choco National Park where you can zip line through the jungle on seven zip lines and see wildlife including the indigenous squirrel monkeys.

Water Parks and More

Ocean World Adventure Park allows children and adults to interact with marine life. It also has water slides in the park and educational animal programs with sharks, dolphins, sea lions and tropical birds. With special access, you can touch sharks, stingrays and other marine animals. Kids and adults love the Amber Museum where you can see all kinds of things frozen in time including plants, insects and a huge lizard perfectly preserved. Other activities from your Puerto Plata timeshare include many championship golf courses and Fun City where you will find go-karting and other fun things for kids.

The urban experience is also upscale and upbeat with live music, casinos and fine dining. The nearby beach is lined with nightclubs where tourists and locals gather barefoot from the beach for music and dancing. The high season in Puerto Plata may be in the winter months when the hotel rates are higher, but if you own a Puerto Plata timeshare, this isn’t your problem. You already have your first-class accommodation booked and paid for.