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Seattle Timeshare

An exciting cosmopolitan city with rich history and many interesting attractions, Seattle is a haven for those who love outdoor pursuits, entertainment, arts and waterfront activities, along with spectacular water and mountain views. A Seattle timeshare resale is your best way to enjoy all that this iconic and burgeoning city offers. The skyline alone is distinctive and recognizable with the Space Needle and the.... Read More

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Great Ferris Wheel on the waterfront.

Attractions for Families

Launching out from your Seattle timeshare, you'll find attractions that are especially loved by kids. The Space Needle always provides a fun day out. Kids also enjoy Woodland Park Zoo with over 300 species of interesting animals like snow leopards, elephants, lemurs, jaguars and grizzly bears. The waterfront piers are always popular, as are places like Seattle Center with its amusement park.

Kids love getting outdoors to explore Mount St. Helens and Mount Rainier National Park. These active volcanoes stimulate imaginations, along with creating brilliant photo opportunities. All ages appreciate whale watching excursions in spring, summer and fall near the San Juan islands. A Seattle timeshare provides a fantastic way to enjoy all the Pacific Northwest offers.

Popular Attractions for Arts and Museum Enthusiasts

Adults and older kids can enjoy the many interesting museums and attractions in Seattle. Art aficionados and photography buffs will love the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum which is right next to the Space Needle. Those interested in airplanes and flight will enjoy the Museum of Flight with its space craft and aircraft exhibits.

The Science Fiction Museum is fascinating to those who love the genre. This museum is the only one if its kind in the United States. The Seattle Art Museum features displays of interesting Chinese painting, calligraphy, Italian and Asian art and Olympic Sculpture Park. The Seattle Symphony features world-class concerts and unparalleled musical experiences. Pioneer Square and the iconic Pike Place Market provide interesting day trips and opportunities to sample new foods and see craft exhibits. The Music Project Museum offers fascinating displays of rock 'n roll memorabilia.

Best Times for Visiting Seattle

A Seattle timeshare offers flexibility and freedom to plan your visit and the best times to visit Seattle are in fall during months like September and October, since these are drier and sunnier months. August can also be a fantastic month for visiting. The months of November through May are traditionally rainier and more overcast, but indoor attractions can still be enjoyed during these times. June and July feature a mix of rainy and sunny weather. Attractions can be more crowded with summertime visitors.

An Energetic and Vibrant City

Seattle maintains a reputation of an energetic and vibrant place to visit. A rich blending of cultural attractions combines seamlessly with a laid-back lifestyle to create a warm and welcoming ambiance. Beautiful natural attractions like Mount Rainier, Mount St. Helens and Snoqualmie Falls appeal to nature lovers of all ages. Culture lovers also find a wealth of museums and art centers to enjoy. Seattle is a bustling place that is always worth visiting.