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Waianae Timeshare

The Waianae area on the western side of the island of Oahu is relatively undeveloped and offers remote and secluded areas undiscovered by most visitors. It has its share of resorts and you can get a Waianae timeshare that offers all the comforts of a vacation home while being the perfect base for visiting the interesting places throughout the region.

Originally a small fishing community, it has seen sandalwood trees and sugar cane. Today, Waianae is one of the last untouched places of Oahu. Waianae timeshare visitors can enjoy beautiful clean beaches with reefs.... Read More

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that are teeming with marine life and many wild dolphins that entertain early risers every morning.

Wonderful Wildlife and Watersports

Waianae is famous for its dolphins, whales and many species of marine life including colorful tropical fish and turtles. All the diving and snorkeling activities, as well as boating activities, are planned to protect the reefs and marine life while giving visitors a great time.

At Makua Beach, in Waianae at the far end of the road is the Kaneana Cave. It is a 150,000-year old cave that was carved out underwater. The opening is about 100 feet high and the cave is about 450 feet deep. While hiking along the beach, have a look at the entrance. However, this is not a cave for exploring.

One of the most fascinating places to visit from your Waianae timeshare is the archeological site of Kane’aki Heiau in Makaha Valley. It is still considered a sacred place for locals and it contains a huge stone that is considered to guard the sacred place.

Spectacular Beaches, of Course

The beaches are the main attraction in all of Hawaii and Waianae is no exception. Makaha Beach Park is a popular place for surfing especially in the summer as it has big waves. It is not recommended as a swimming beach during the winter. There are no food vendors, so you will need to bring snacks or lunch. The annual Buffalo’s Big Board Surf Classis is held there.

The best beach for snorkeling is at the end of the road at Ka’ena Point State Park. It has rocky outcroppings and is a protected area. Snorkeling is recommended during the summer on calm days. This is one of the few secluded beaches in Hawaii. This is also a great place for hiking on the Kaena Point Trail.

Shopping is convenient for Waianae timeshare owners at the Waianae Mall Shopping Center. The area also has a variety of restaurants that serve the freshest seafood, authentic tacos and margaritas as well as Korean BBQ that is favored by the locals. The Makaha Golf Resort has a golf course that overlooks the ocean and at the weekend they offer several cuisines in their dinner buffets.