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West Yellowstone Timeshare

Yellowstone National Park ranks as one of the most beautiful national parks in the United States. The surrounding area is home to several hotels where you can stay and campgrounds that offer daily and weekly rates. Many visitors head to West Yellowstone for their accommodations choices and you can get a great West Yellowstone timeshare near the park.

West Yellowstone is a small town in Montana that is just a short drive from the park, so it's not surprising that the busy season in this area runs through the summer. Parents bring their kids while they're.... Read More

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on break and explore the mountains and hiking trails. The best time to visit Yellowstone is usually in late spring. Depending on what you want to do, you may prefer visiting in the early fall or the late summer. During the winter and early spring, Yellowstone often blocks off some trails and other attractions because of the weather. If you visit in September or October, you'll still avoid the crowds but find that most attractions are open to the public.

Things to Do in the Park

The obvious reason most people buy a West Yellowstone timeshare is because they want to explore the nearby Yellowstone National Park. Old Faithful is something you will definitely want to see. This geyser goes off at regular intervals. The Grand Prismatic Spring is another popular park attraction as is the Yellowstone Caldera, which is one of the nation's only active volcanoes. If you bring fishing gear from home, Yellowstone Lake is a good place to visit because it's stocked with trout and other types of fish. The park also boasts a number of hiking trails.

West Yellowstone Attractions

You don't need to visit the park every day on your vacation though because you'll find things to do in and around West Yellowstone. Henry's Lake State Park is just a short drive away and offers a different experience than the national park does. You can head over to the IMAX Theater to see films on the big screen and watch live shows at the Playmill Theater. The West Yellowstone Visitors' Center is the best place to go to find out about all the fun things close to your West Yellowstone timeshare and in the surrounding region.