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Zihuatanejo Timeshare

Mexico has so much to offer vacationers, and one of the places that might be perfect for you is Zihuatanejo. Located on the Pacific Ocean near Ixtapa, the city is home to La Ropa. Called one of the most panoramic beaches in Mexico, this beach is also one of the most beautiful. You'll love how relaxed you feel in a Zihuatanejo timeshare after a day of lounging on the sand or playing in the surf.

Though you might want to visit Zihuatanejo for any number of reasons, The Port is one of the top tourist attractions. Here, you can shop for local souvenirs and taste.... Read More

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the cuisine at the authentic local restaurants. The nearby bay is another hot spot and a place that is popular with boating enthusiasts. You can access La Ropa from here and explore some of the other beaches as well.

Top Attractions

Many vacationers visit the Museum of Archaeology, which is close to the beach and offers six rooms that you can explore to learn about the region. Magic World is just four miles away from town and is one of the top water parks in Mexico. It offers more rides and activities that you can tackle in a single day. The downtown area is also popular due to the number of local shops and restaurants, including silversmith shops and cafes. You can enjoy the fresh seafood and great attractions with a Zihuatanejo timeshare.

When to Visit

There's no point in visiting Zihuatanejo during the rainy season because you really won’t have the opportunity to experience the region the way it was meant to be seen. September gets more than 14 inches of rain and can see rain multiple days in a row. Rain is also common from June through August. The rest of the year gets little rain, though temperatures can reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit or higher on a warm spring or summer day. Temperatures in the high 80s are common in the winter, which makes that the season the best time to visit your Zihuatanejo timeshare.