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Costa Rica Timeshare

Costa Rica is unique in Central America due to the country's commitment to eco-tourism and ability to nurture its pristine natural environment. Costa Rica timeshare owners can explore it in a variety of ways from the thrilling to the relaxing.

December through April is the busiest time of year to own a Costa Rica timeshare. The winter dry season offers vacationers sunny, warm days that are perfect for exploring the sights inland or relaxing on the beach. Most importantly for many Northern Hemisphere travelers, the tropical climate offers a refreshing break from the cold winter weather back home.

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when the rainy season turns the rainforests a bright green and families are enjoying their summer vacation. The shoulder season in Costa Rica normally runs during the springtime from April through June, and the slow season is from August through November.

Eco-Adventures Await

Ecotourism has become one of the driving forces of the Costa Rican tourism industry in the last several years. Many of the country's top attractions are also some of its most breathtaking natural wonders including the Cloud Forests of Monte Verde, the wildlife and sandy beaches of Manuel Antonio National Park, and the rugged volcanic wonder of Arenal Volcano National Park. Arenal Volcano is an active volcano and visitors to the park will often see anything from red lava flows to clouds of ash. Any adrenaline junkie will find their fix visiting these locations or trying some of the eco-tourism adventures Costa Rica has to offer: ziplining through the tropical rainforest, surfing at Domenico, and white water rafting along the thrilling rivers meandering through the interior of the country.

Yet the country can also offer a more relaxing atmosphere perfect for families and leisure travelers dreaming of spending sunny vacation days by the beach. Miles of Pacific and Caribbean coastline give the laid-back traveler the perfect zone of relaxation in a spa, on a beach chair, or just sitting back and watching the sunset from their Costa Rica timeshare. Families can explore the country together at a more leisurely pace with horseback tours, hot air balloon rides, and a cruise out on the water. The east coast is less-traveled than the Pacific Coast but has an abundance of green sea turtles.

Urban Experiences

If your perfect vacation takes place in a city, then San Jose is the place to go. The capital city of Costa Rica sits in the central part of the country so it is often overlooked by tourists wanting to stay by the beach. Instead of beaches and mountains, you'll find it has an urban vibe, active nightlife, and a world of shopping, history, and culture mixed in one place. Avenida Central is a major draw with its restaurants, bars, museums, plazas, and shopping centers all within easy walking distance of each other. The city's museums are worth visiting no matter where you stay especially if you love learning about Costa Rica's history and culture.

While San Jose may have the most museums and nightclubs in one area, the great thing about a Costa Rica timeshare is that you will find different things to love during your vacation wherever you visit.