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France Timeshare

Whether you are dreaming of a stroll along the French Riviera, a romantic tour for two around Paris, or an afternoon sampling the fruits of wine country, a France timeshare opens up the door to a wide variety of experiences. The country's rich cuisine, history, scenery, and culture make it an attractive choice for anyone looking to have a fabulous European vacation.

Many of the country’s most famous attractions are located in Paris and any France timeshare owner will want to visit the City of Lights at least once during their visit. The Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, and the Cathedral of Notre.... Read More

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Dame de Paris are three of the most famous sights for visitors and worth coming back to more than once. Just outside the city, the Palace of Versailles was the last home of the French Monarchs and has been central to many historical events and stories about French nobility.

Likewise, Paris is the perfect place to sample the savory and unique cuisine located in corner bistros and offered up as the special of the day. The city is known for everything from bread to cheeses and wine and in many France timeshare resorts, you can bring fresh groceries back to your own kitchen or have them delivered to your door. At night, the city stays awake long after dark if you want to party and have fun during your vacation time.

More Than Just Paris

Outside of Paris, the country offers a variety of regions and interesting locales to visit on a France timeshare holiday. The Loire Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage site for its abundance of medieval castles. In the north, Brittany retains a very Celtic feel and Normandy is a must-see place for anyone with even a passing interest in the great battles of WWII. For even older history, you will want to visit Lascaux Cave in southern France and its replica, Lascaux II, where pre-historic cave paintings were drawn onto the walls almost 20,000 years ago.

While France is known as a romantic getaway, with its vast vineyards, idyllic settings, and romance culture, it can also be a fun place to travel with the kids. A trip through Paris can easily be converted into a kid-friendly venture with visits to museums, parks, and ending the day with a river tour along the Seine - perfect for resting young legs while seeing many attractions at once. And in winter, the French Alps become a skiing, tobogganing, and winter game paradise for all ages during the day, and then you can finish out the day with a bonfire and s'mores at night.

When to Visit

Another great thing about a France timeshare is that the country can be enjoyed fairly equally throughout the year, with few exceptions. The winter months in the French Alps tend to be the busiest in that region while other regions and cities see low to moderate tourism from December into May. In general, the summer months of July and August are the busiest time for French tourism since those months match up with vacation season for European travelers. Tourism slows down considerably in the autumn so if you travel from September through November you are likely to find less congestion at popular attractions across France.