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Greece Timeshares For Sale

From the Acropolis to the palace at Knossos, every vacation in Greece is legendary. Thanks to a Greece timeshare, you'll be able to enjoy incredible history, outstanding museums and glittering nightlife.

Most people visit Greece between Easter and October when the weather is warm and sunny. Prices soar at popular tourist destinations, and the crowds can be heavy. Accordingly, many visitors prefer to visit in the spring or late in the fall. This means enjoying milder temperatures and lighter crowds.

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find bargains. From November until the middle of March, tourism slows to a crawl, and prices reflect this. You do have to be prepared for some attractions to be closed or operating with shorter hours, but this shouldn't diminish your enjoyment.

Festivals Celebrating Centuries of Culture

Many tourists time their visit to coincide with some of Greece's most popular festivals. These include the carnival season in Patra, which may occur anywhere between mid-January and March. Summer visitors are invited to enjoy the Athens & Epidavros Festival with theater, dance and music or the Olympus Festival, which takes place at the site of the ancient Olympics. September visitors may want to attend the Athens International Film Festival.

Epic History

Touring ancient sites is one of the main reasons why people visit Greece. Between the Acropolis in Athens and the Great Theatre of Epidaurus, there exists an incredible array of ruins, most of which have been at least partially restored. Exploring them all would require a lifetime.

Greece's museums provide different perspectives on the country's ancient history. There's a National Archaeological Museum in Athens that is utterly superb while the Archaeological Museum of Iraklion is the best place in the world to learn about the Minoan culture.

If you're looking for lighter fare, consider a getaway to the beach. Greece boasts many lovely ones. One of the most convenient of these is Arvanitia at Nafplion, Peloponnese with its showers and changing rooms. Active visitors will love Chrissi Akti and Santa Maria at Paros, Cyclades. The windsurfing is magnificent here, but you also can just enjoy the beach-side restaurants and shops.

Those who are looking for something to do after dark will be spoiled for choice. The varied and abundant nightlife scene at Mykonos is legendary, and Rhodes is loaded with everything from casinos to cafes. If you're looking for a raucous club, then Corfu is the spot for you.

Timeshare Accommodation for Comfort

Comfortable and luxurious, a Greece timeshare may be found on the beach or in the heart of an exciting city. Fitness centers, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, beach access, bars, restaurants, tennis courts and waterskiing are just a few of the available amenities. Lie on a gracious sun terrace or learn to scuba dive. These resorts are equipped for everything.

With air conditioning, multiple bedrooms and kitchens, the accommodations at these resorts are designed to delight the entire family. Many units boast breathtaking views and plenty of square footage.

A Greece timeshare brings you privacy, comfort and luxury in the midst of an unforgettable escape.