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Italy Timeshare

From ancient Rome to Sicily's temples, Italy is a country that begs to be explored. Experiencing it all would take decades, and that's what makes an Italy timeshare a brilliant idea.

During the shoulder seasons of April through June and September through October, visitors are most likely to experience the best combination of weather and crowds. The exception to this is Easter when things can become quite crowded and expensive.

Summer is hot and humid, though this also is the season of the most intense tourist activity. However, it's best to be.... Read More

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aware that many Italians use August as a vacation month. This may mean that many smaller, family-run restaurants and attractions are closed, and it also translates to bigger crowds at resort cities.

Winter is quiet in Italy. Spa towns and beaches are deserted. Still, it may be possible to score some incredible bargains in this season.

Spectacular History and Culture

Devotees of Renaissance thought and innovation will want to center their visit on Florence where they can explore the work of Michelangelo, Leonardo and Botticelli among numerous others. Rome is another essential Italian city. With a history dating back to 753 BC, Rome is loaded with can't-miss attractions.

For travelers the world over, a stay in Venice represents the trip of a lifetime. The ancient, floating city exhibits the influence of the Islamic and Byzantine cultures that helped to chart its course. Among the other popular stops in Italy are Verona and Mantua with their art and architecture, Siena and its Gothic palaces and Padua with its priceless Giotto frescoes. Pompeii and Herculaneum provide a unique perspective on an ancient volcanic eruption. Beyond the cities, visitors may explore gorgeous wine country, expansive beaches and fantastic food wherever they roam.

Time to Try Timeshare?

From the ruins of the Roman Forum, Colosseum and Palatine Hill to the Galleria degli Uffizi and the Accademia, Italy is an unparalleled destination for lovers of history and art. When a day of exploring the Duomo of Florence or Pisa's leaning tower is at an end, it's time to retire to an Italy timeshare. Visitors will quickly discover that these properties range from tiny boutique-style hotels to modern, sprawling seaside resorts. Whether you want to experience the best of Old Italy or something that's entirely new, you'll find the right timeshare here.

While some Italian timeshares have few amenities beyond breathtaking charm, others are suitably well-appointed for the modern traveler. It may be possible to enjoy a dip in a sparkling pool or hot tub, book an indulgent treatment at the spa or shop for unique souvenirs without leaving the property. Travelers may rely on knowledgeable staff to help with reservations and recommendations.

From quaint hotel rooms to multi-bedroom villas, accommodations are thoughtful, well-appointed and outrageously elegant. Thanks to a commitment to living the good life, guests will find that their every desire is satisfied with gorgeous furnishings and upscale linens.

An Italy timeshare is the best way to experience this classic destination without restrictions.