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Jamaica Timeshare

Lovers of sand, crystal blue waters, and sunshine flock to their Jamaica timeshare to experience the laid-back vibe perfectly combined with the abundant natural beauty of the island. Whether you want a relaxed adventure sprinkled with calmer pursuits like bird watching, or a more adventurous experience filled with zip-lining, roller coasters and jumping from cliffs into crystal clear water, everyone finds something to love in a Jamaica timeshare.

This exciting birthplace of Reggae music attracts people of all ages. Kids love visiting places like Rainforest Adventures Mystic Mountain for its variety.... Read More

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of rides including a chairlift ascending high into the mountains, roller coasters, and zip-lining paths that traverse through and over tree tops. Kids can also enjoy scenic and calm places like Doctor's Cave Beach in Montego Bay for its strip of white sand and clear, sparkling waters that are perfect for swimming. Another famous place is the Dunn’s River Falls outside of Ocho Rios. Here you'll be able to climb the falls and enjoy beautiful waterholes fed by freshwater springs.

Visiting the world-famous Bob Marley Museum is memorable and you'll also love seeing places like the National Gallery and Natural History Museum. A tour-guided trip to experience rafting on pole bamboo rafts through scenic rain forests provides an adventure you can only have in a few places in the world. Rafting on these types of rafts dates back to when banana farmers transported their crops on bamboo rafts along the river.

Best Times for Visiting

The time most recommended for visiting scenic Jamaica is between November and mid-December. This is when there are fewer crowds and nearly perfect weather. Spring time during Spring Break is not recommended since you'll see larger crowds and more expensive prices for the things you want to do. The high season happens during the winter months of January through March. Some people may enjoy the energy of larger crowds during this time. During the summer, you may have your plans upended due to the rainy season. Owning a Jamaica timeshare lets you visit during your favorite time of year, knowing that you always have the perfect place to stay.

Scenic Jamaica for Perfect Pictures

Some of the best picture taking spots in Jamaica are near Negril Beach and Negril Cliffs and in places like Dunn's River Falls for breathtaking photos of natural sparkling waterfalls that famously tumble over limestone ledges and spill over rocks into the sea. Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park is a famous World Heritage Site where you can explore jungle infused mountains, green verdant rain-forests, waterfalls, and tour coffee plantations.

Reach Falls gives you chances to experience snorkeling and diving among tropical scenery and picturesque waterfalls. The Black River Safari Boat Tour and YS Falls lets you see crocodiles and over 100 fascinating species of birds. Falmouth is a beauty-filled area with its cattle land and sugar estates, along with being one of the most famous Georgian towns. Luminous Lagoon provides opportunities to see the famous phosphorescent marine life. Everyone can enjoy experiences tailored to their unique interests in scenic Jamaica. Lifetime experiences come naturally with a decision in a Jamaica timeshare.