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Malta Timeshares For Sale

Malta, just south of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea, is small but packed with history and natural wonders. From ancient archeological sites to the Knights of Malta and the Crusades, Malta is a history aficionado’s paradise. The neighboring island of Gozo offers a relaxing beach vacation and the area near the capital of Malta, Valetta, is a good place to find Malta timeshares for a private vacation home in this fascinating place.

Valletta is a beautiful city of grandeur created by the Knights of Malta in 1530. It is a well-planned city with a grid.... Read More

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of streets and public squares. The heart of the small city is St John’s Co-Cathedral with an opulent interior. The huge Grand Master’s Palace is nearby where you can see an extensive art collection and learn about the history of the Knights. If visiting historical places is an important part of your vacation, Valletta is a great place to visit. You don’t need a car because the public bus system is excellent and will take you all over the island. If you are looking forward to the lively night live, Sliema is a great place to check out from Malta timeshares.

Incredible Historic Sites

Gozo Island has a charming atmosphere and is a good place to relax at the beach. It has a fortified medieval city and an active seaside resort. It is also the home of the most important archeological site in Malta, the Ggantija Temples from about 3,500 BCE.

Another medieval town is Mdina. It looks like a fairy-tale city on a hilltop and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a pedestrian city only with ancient streets and sandstone buildings. Another UNESCO site is the archaeological Neolithic cult site Hal Saffieni Hypogeum. It is underground with a web of catacombs and rooms, the deepest of which is 10 meters below the entrance. It dates from 4,000 BCE. Artifacts from this site are in the National Museum of Archeology in Valletta.

Wonderful Swimming Site

Blue Lagoon on the Island of Comino is considered nature’s perfect swimming pool. It has crystal clear, warm turquoise water, a soft sand bottom and a shallow end that is safe for children. It’s about a 30-minute ferry ride from the port of Malta and tends to be crowded during the high season in the summer.

Along with the many prehistoric sites and gorgeous beaches, there is something special for children. Popeye Village was built as a film set for the movie Popeye and is today a popular tourist attraction. It is a full seaside village with 20 buildings including a bakery, firehouse and post office. It has a beach and souvenir shops.

Malta is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Europe and you can enjoy a holiday home if you take advantage of Malta timeshares for sale here at Timeshare Broker Associates.