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Norway Timeshare Resale

From its breathtaking fjords in the north to the cosmopolitan cities of the south, Norway offers many avenues for a top-tier European vacation. At night your eyes will be drawn to the sky as the Northern Lights dance across the stars, while outdoor activities during the day give you the chance to glimpse polar bears, glaciers, and unforgettable cliffs and mountainsides. A Norway timeshare resale is a can't miss opportunity to explore this beautiful country again and again.

The capital city, Oslo, is full of interesting places to visit including the Viking.... Read More

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Museum, the Vigeland Sculpture Park, and a medieval castle known as the Akershus Fortress. Oslo is also a terminus for several scenic rail lines stretching to other cities and towns around the country. As you explore Norway, you'll find that family vacations with kids can turn magical as you walk along the edge of glaciers, take a boat ride along a fjord, and see locations straight out of a fairy tale.

Incredible Scenery and Outdoor Activities

Despite the city charms, few people come to Norway to stay indoors. In the Jotunheimen Alpine plateau you'll be able to see several of the country's highest mountain peaks, networks of rivers, waterfalls, and large herds of reindeer. The Fjord regions are equally alluring, and you may need to come back to your Norway timeshare resale again and again to take another cruise through the Geirangerfjord region, Sognefjord, and other Norwegian fjords and rivers. While you head north to the Arctic Circle, you'll naturally want to stop at Tromsø, a historic jumping-off point for Arctic explorers and a fishing village. This town is especially popular with Northern Lights seekers, and polar enthusiasts, who will want to see the Polar Museum and the Tromsø Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden.

Winters in Norway start early and often go well into April, so it only makes sense that winter sports are a major part of life. Skiing, sleigh riding, skating, and many other sports are at the center of the tourist trade during the coldest months of the year, and make a trip near the Arctic Circle worth taking even when temperatures dip below zero.

Best Time to Visit

What you'll find when you stay in a Norway timeshare varies dramatically from season to season. The most popular months are in the spring and summer, from May through August, when the long days, sunny weather, and relatively warm temperatures make cruises, hikes, and general outdoor activities a pleasure. However, the winter season attracts hardcore skiers and other winter sport enthusiasts from around the world as the low temperatures, mountain ranges, and deep snowfall combine for the perfect winter destination from December through March. The slowest time of year is in the autumn meaning fewer crowds at the indoor attractions and more time to spend enjoying them.