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Puerto Rico Timeshare

A gem set in the midst of the Caribbean, a Puerto Rico timeshare offers visitors an exciting vacation experience filled with Latin American, Spanish, and local culture. The beaches are fantastic, the sights and sounds of San Juan are unforgettable, and the cuisine is some of the finest on the planet. If you love the combination of warm hospitality, upscale accommodations, and pristine natural beauty, this destination should be on your vacation short list.

Plan on spending a week with your family on this beautiful island. Stay at one of the fine resort complexes scattered about the coastal.... Read More

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areas, and make sure to check out the inviting Puerto Rico timeshare resale market. You'll and your family will receive the royal treatment at these vacation resorts, and you'll wake up each morning refreshed and ready to explore all that Puerto Rico has to offer.

Top Attractions

San Juan is a bustling metro area painted in a mix of cultural tones. Strolling the downtown streets and along the waterfront of Old San Juan is an adventure in itself. El Morro is a must-see. This fortress is built of solid stone and rises more than 140 feet in the air. Overlooking the waters of the Caribbean, it's the oldest Spanish fort in the New World. The Museo de las Americas is full of impressive exhibits that tell the story of indigenous, African, and European influence on the island.

Balneario Escabrón is a long stretch of beautiful beach rimmed with tall palms. The best surf in the municipal area is found here.  

The dining options are limitless. Fine European cuisine, roast pig, and fresh seafood can be had at affordable prices, and the open-air restaurants near the beach are full of tourists from all over the world. Smaller cafes are located on just about every street corner.

Heading inland from your Puerto Rico timeshare, visitors delight in the limestone caverns and tropical pine forests. The backbone mountain range is worth an entire day's drive, but remember to visit the rain forest of El Yunque, the only tropical rain forest in the U.S. At night, make plans to attend the live music concerts held in open-air theaters.

Resort Package Options

The island is full of resort-style hotels, many of them located right on the beach. These range in style from condominiums and apartments to villas and beach cabins. Timeshares are offered by current owners, are fully furnished, and many of the suites have full kitchens and living room entertainment systems. Enjoy splashing in the outdoor pools, cooking dinner in the BBQ pits, and relaxing in the sauna or spa while staying at one of these upscale properties.

Visit Puerto Rico at any time of the year. The weather is always mild, the surf is always up, and the shopping is always fantastic. And remember, because this is a U.S. territory, American citizens won’t need a passport to visit.

The Puerto Rico timeshare market is the place to go for a great deal on a four-star guest suite accommodation, and once you've spent some time here with your family, you'll want to return each year to relive the sights, sounds, wonderful cuisine, and unbeatable nightlife.