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Saint Kitts and Nevis Timeshare

Do you love the idea of vacationing where you can wake up every morning and see beautiful blue waters and some of the best views in the world? One of the top destinations is the Caribbean escape of Saint Kitts and Nevis. The welcoming people and the amazing views are just some of the things you'll experience when you buy a Saint Kitts and Nevis timeshare.

One thing to consider before buying a timeshare is when you want to visit. The high season starts in December and runs through the end of April. This season is popular because of the sunshine and warm temperatures in the region..... Read More

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While you might be freezing in the snow back home, you can party on the beach and hop in the warm water here. If you don’t like working your way through the crowds, head to your Saint Kitts and Nevis timeshare in May or June. You can still enjoy the great weather but have more peace and quiet.

National Carnival

Another reason why the area is so popular during the winter season is that this is also when National Carnival happens. It usually starts near the end of November and lasts until the beginning of January. Boxing Day is when you'll find hundreds of people in costumes dancing in the streets. Once you see them getting down, you may have a hard time not taking part. Carnival also brings a large pageant to the island and ends with a massive parade that runs right through the main town.

Outdoor Activities

Many of the top things to do in St. Kitts and Nevis include outdoor attractions. Frigate Bay is an island cove that is home to one of the region's top beaches. Once you finish soaking in the water and relaxing in the sun, you can head over to one of the bars for an icy cold tropical drink. Mount Liamuiga is another hot spot that lets you tour a real volcano as you hike your way to the top. The hiking trails on this volcano are suitable for most activity and experience levels too.

Other Things to Do

When you buy a Saint Kitts and Nevis timeshare, you can book tours in advance with local companies for your next visit. Some offer bus tours that can pick you up at different spots and take you around to different beaches. Brimstone Hill is a popular tourist attraction that is now part of a national park. This historic fortress dates back to the 18th century.

Once you buy a Saint Kitts and Nevis timeshare, you might find a few attractions that you love returning to every year when you return to the Caribbean.