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Sweden Timeshares

Sweden is a great vacation destination because it has all the outdoor recreation you could want, fabulous cities and nightlife as well as fascinating ancient historical sites. All without the crowds of some European countries. With excellent roads and public transport, owners of Sweden timeshares can easily visit the national parks with mountains, lakes and coastal villages.

Stories of the Vikings are popular and many visitors expect to experience their history in Sweden. Of note, Viking means seaman and they never wore helmets with horns. The Vasa Museum in Stockholm.... Read More

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is the most popular in the country where a ship from 1628 sank and was salvaged in 1961. It’s in almost perfect condition and a favorite attraction. Another site for the history buff is Skansen on Royal Djurgården. Located in Skansen National Park, it’s a historic village, dating from 1720 and the oldest open-air museum in the world. The costumed interpreters carry on the everyday work and there are cafés, restaurants and a zoo. Just a 15-walk from the city center, there is also an ABBA Museum and a theme park.

Another historic attraction is Sigtuna, the first city in Sweden, founded during the last century of the Vikings rule in 970 AD. Just 45 minutes from Stockholm there are restaurants and shops nearby.

Fabulous Outdoor Activities

In the very northern parts of Sweden in Jukkasjärvi is the first ice hotel. It is redesigned every year with ice from the River Torne. During the summer months, this is a favorite place for paddleboarding, canoeing, kayaking, fishing and river rafting. Water is everywhere in Sweden and the Göta Canal is a perfect example and offers a great adventure. The canal connects lakes Vänern near Stockholm on the northeast and lake Vättern near Gothenburg the southwest. You can hire a boat or join a cruise.

Children and even some adults love the fairy-tale castles and adrenalin-pumping rides available at Liseberg Theme Park in Gothenburg. It has a famous Christmas Market, and several restaurants and cafés. Sweden timeshares are the best accommodation for visiting the area because they provide all the comforts of home combined with the first-class amenities of a resort.

Truly Unique

A visit to Copenhagen is an adventure in itself across the Oresund Bridge in Malmo - a famous and amazing engineering feat that connects Sweden and Denmark. Another real adventure that you can’t have in many places is the Land of the Midnight Sun. A national park about 200 kilometers inside the Arctic Circle and with good access to viewing the Northern Lights, this is the place for hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter. Weather permitting, you can visit the Aurora Sky Station.

Sweden timeshares provide a great accommodation choice in this beautiful and fascinating country. You are guaranteed an affordable vacation every year and can always trade your timeshare for a comparable one in hundreds of places around the world.