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Thailand Timeshare

Exotic and mysterious are just two ways to describe the unique country of Thailand. Discover the tropical beaches and majestic mountains while learning about this fascinating Asian nation. If you are searching for an amazing vacation destination, a Thailand timeshare will open you to adventure.

While visiting the country, plan to relax and enjoy your evenings at a Thailand timeshare. You can find a unit that offers several bedrooms or a romantic atmosphere with a jacuzzi bathtub. If you need a kitchen so you can prepare meals or practice your Thai cooking, be sure to find a unit that is fully.... Read More

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equipped. Families might enjoy relaxing on a patio or balcony while admiring the sunsets and the kids can watch television and use the free Wi-Fi. Many of the Thailand timeshare resorts feature on-site restaurants, swimming pools, and a variety of activities for the kids.

Most Popular Time to Visit

One of the most popular times of the year to visit Thailand is from October to February. Although seasons vary throughout the country, these are months when you will find cooler temperatures in Central and Northeast Thailand. While visiting, you might want to take some cooking classes to learn how to create delectable Thai cuisine for when you return home. You will also want to spend plenty of time on the beaches such as in Phuket where you will find clear blue water and white sand. If you enjoy rock-climbing, plan to visit Railay where you can climb the limestone cliffs. The kids might enjoy going on an elephant safari or kayaking along the shore of the water.

If you don’t mind a little rain, from June to October are wonderful times to travel to your Thailand timeshare. Since the kids are out of school – you will need to find a variety of activities to keep them entertained. Khao Yai National Park is an amazing destination where you can view elephant camps and even get to help out with feedings. While exploring the jungle area, you will see monkeys, exotic birds, and other animals or check out the waterfalls and cool off. If you love history, take a trip to the historic city of Ayutthaya and wander through the ruins of the formal capital. There are old temples and palaces while riding bikes through both the old city and the new.

Floating Markets Await

The hottest time to visit Thailand is from March to June and Northern Thailand enjoys a raining season from May to September. Plan to visit one of the floating markets where you can eat and shop and experience the hospitality of the local vendors. The floating markets are out in the morning in long wooden boats and you can buy a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables and spices. If you love photography – take a trip over to Sukhothai Old City where you will find many opportunities to take amazing photos. The history of the cities, especially Bangkok, will be sure to impress.

If you are ready to start planning your next vacation – take a look at a Thailand timeshare and the adventures that await.