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    Timeshare Exit Alternatives

    Do you own a timeshare that you no longer want? Perhaps your vacation habits have changed, and a timeshare isn’t a good fit for your lifestyle anymore. Or, maybe the maintenance fees have risen to a point that you can no longer afford. Whatever your reason for wanting a timeshare exit, Timeshare Broker Associates has a solution.

    We are a licensed real estate brokerage specializing in timeshare with no upfront fees. Our goal is to connect timeshare owners with those looking to buy timeshare on the resale market.

    Timeshare Broker Associates is proud to be a Featured Reseller of Wyndham Vacation Resorts and has experience with just about every timeshare resort developer on the market; including Disney, Bluegreen, Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, Westin and Diamond.

    With the huge fine handed down from the Attorney General of the state of Washington against a major timeshare exit company, now is the time to work with a reputable licensed operator. You don’t want to get fooled like these people in Washington, so contact us through the form on our page so we can help you exit your timeshare.

    Timeshare Exiting vs Timeshare Resale

    You may have heard about the idea of exiting your timeshare from personal finance celebrities such as Dave Ramsey, Steve Harvey and Laura Ingraham. These celebrities typically endorse the services of a company called Timeshare Exit Team to cancel your timeshare. This is a company that claims it can cancel your timeshare for a high up-front fee.

    Although personal finance celebrities generally give good financial advice, when it comes to the resale of timeshares they may not have all the facts. To start, no company can cancel your timeshare contract other than the resort or resort developer from which you originally purchased the timeshare. Why pay a third-party timeshare cancellation company like Timeshare Exit Team thousands of dollars to ask your resort to cancel your contact when you could simply call up your resort and ask them yourselves?

    Secondly, it is usually a better value to sell your timeshare on the resale market than to pay a third-party timeshare exit firm thousands of dollars to try to cancel your timeshare. Although it is true that a timeshare purchased from a resort loses about 50% of its value the second it is purchased, many timeshares still have some value. You may not be able to sell the timeshare for much money but selling the timeshare will always be less expensive than hiring a firm to cancel the contract.

    The Resale Market Is Healthy

    Despite the claims made by personal finance celebrities and unscrupulous timeshare exit companies, timeshares are being bought and sold on the resale market every day. As a licensed real estate brokerage specialized in timeshare, we have the knowledge and skill necessary to get your timeshare sold. We work with a network of timeshare brokers and other resale avenues to connect buyers and sellers together.

    As a licensed brokerage we earn our money in the form of a commission after the timeshare is sold. This means we will never ask for an “up front” fee to sell your timeshare. Our process is simple. Give us a call at 877-624-6889 or fill out a contact form on this page to get started.

    Ask About a Timeshare Exit Strategy

      What can we help you with?